Web developers are very much in demand these days and their numbers have increased considerably over the years. One of the main reasons for this increase in the number of web developers is due to the advancement of the internet. The demand for Node.js has increased and this has lead to the rise of a lot of Node.js development companies. However, Ruby on Rails still leads the line as the most preferred frameworks. Statistics have shown that one of the most difficult decisions for many companies and start-ups is the choice of technology or language to be used for development. Caught between this dilemma are two of the most popular languages Node.js and Ruby on Rails which tends to divide the opinion of people. Let’s have a detailed comparison of both these amazing frameworks.


Node.js is an open source platform used for executing Javascript code server as it was built on Javascript runtime. However, it is famous among the younger developers as it is event driven and follows a non-blocking approach which makes it lighter, scalable network. Node.js can handle the burden of the heavy traffic. Currently, they are dominating the world of real-time web applications by using push technology for creating server-side applications.

Following are some of the various reasons people prefer Node.js-

Learning Curve

Node.js is one of the easiest to learn frameworks and has very fewer dependencies. As the name suggests, codes in Node.js are written in Javascript. For those who have prior experience with front end development, adapting to Nod.js will be easier.

Flexibility Factor

Node.js is one of the most flexible frameworks out there. Users can just insert the code in just one file or in multiple directories. This unique flexibility allows the user to things out of the box.

Developmental Speed

In terms of developmental speed, Node.js needs little bit more involvement. Users need to find the right modules, include them and then follow instructions for integrating them. Node.js works in such a way that the users have to string together different components to build an application. Even though it’s flexible, it requires considerably more time.

No particular file name specification

One of the major problems with Rails is that changing a filename will result in the crashing of the server. On the other hand, Node.js has no such limitations. You can name your files however you want, it won’t cause any major complications.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby is a programming language which was created 20 years ago by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. In terms of popularity, Ruby ranks among top 10 and this is largely due to the popularity of Rails. Rails is a software library which extends the Ruby programming language. David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Rails and he christened the “Ruby on Rails” name.

Following are the various reasons why people prefer Rails,

Multi-threaded framework

Compared to Node.js, Ruby on Rails is multi-threaded which makes it highly suitable for CPU-intensive functions. Node.js is single threaded and was specifically designed for heavy I/O bound applications.

Less callbacks

Almost all the instructions are executed sequentially since the processor waits for the result of the current line operation before jumping over to the next line. This is one of the reasons many developers prefer Ruby.

Code Maintenance

Ruby on Rails is favored by developers as it follows traditional coding conventions which make it easier to operate.

Developmental speed

Ruby on Rails is comparatively faster than Node.js as web developers can perform certain tasks like database migration with just a few commands.

Why do start-ups prefer Ruby-on-Rails?

  • The process of Programming is faster compared to other frameworks
  • Rails is good for Rapid application development (RAD) as this framework easily accommodate changes
  • Most of the Libraries are open source and there are no licensing costs
  • Easily readable and self-documenting. This leads to increase in production as there is less need to write out separate documentation

Why do a lot of Start-ups switch to Node.js?

  • Server loading time is less, making it very efficient
  • The same language can be used for both front-end and back-end
  • Much quicker loading/booting time
  • Since it’s an event driven model it’s performance is effective