When we originally programmed Burrow it was to meet the rising demand from customers asking for an Airbnb clone script or a website that was similar to Airbnb. After a lot of research, we decided that the collaborative consumption market was set for tremendous growth as more people realized the benefits of sharing their possessions when they are not using it.

Now, Burrow is the foremost vacation rental software  available on the market and our clients from all four corners of the globe are working to put the business infrastructure in place to launch their websites. Our buyers come from every single continent, mostly from North America but also many businesses in Eastern Europe are looking to set up their P2P subletting websites, companies in Brazil and Argentina are working hard to put up a site, Kenya and South Africa are also countries where our clients are building vacation rentals sites and of course South East Asia is seeing a boom in the number of subletting startups.

Since we released Burrow several months ago, the collaborative consumption market has gone from strength to strength and new startups are launching each week that builds on the what’s mine is yours concept. Many people have even approached us and asked when we are going to release clone scripts like a Airbnb clone business model. Our answer is, already we have it with the name of “Burrow”.

From the very beginning, Burrow has been designed as a collaborative consumption platform, it’s exactly like Airbnb, was the most popular site at the time so we targeted that market to begin with. However the script is extremely flexible and can be used for any type of website where one person has something they can give and another person has something they need.

Burrow is the perfect script for any kind of website that needs to do the following:

  • You need to connect a provider with a buyer
  • You need to handle the payments and provide an escrow service
  • You need to let people review and provide feedback
  • You want to build a location based service

Here are just a few examples of brand new collaborative consumption niches which can easily be replicated using Agriya’s Burrow script.

Office Space

Very small startups and freelancers often don’t want to work from home or have the space to work from home but renting an entire office is just too much money and commitment. It might also be the case where two or more freelancers have to work together on a project and it’s just easier when you can have an office space for a few weeks to get the job done. LooseCubes and a number of other startups realized that there is a niche market for people looking to rent an office desk for a few days or a few weeks with no further commitment so it connects businesses who have excess office space with freelancers who can’t work from home.

Burrow is ideally suited to this type of business because it uses geo-locations to allow people to list the office space they have for rent in specific towns and cities and freelancers from these places can see all the office space available for rent. Burrow facilitates the booking and transactions and allows both parties to leave a review when the term ends.

Car Rentals

Forget Avis, Thrifty and Hertz, the new car rental kid on the block is..YOU! Or maybe your neighbour. The car rental industry is ripe for disruption because all across America (and most other countries in the world) there are cars sitting on the driveways or in garages depreciating and losing value each and every day. GetAround.com is a startup that aims to let people make money from their cars when they are not using them.

Collaborative consumption for car rentals is a perfect use for the Burrow software because people can list the car they have available and the location, the times it is available from (maybe they are going on vacation) and the hourly cost to rent it out. Burrow will facilitate the booking, the transaction and the exchange of information between the buyer and seller and also hold the escrow money. The review system ensures that the buyer can trust the seller and vice versa.

Car Parking

We’ve all been there, early in the morning you have to go to an interview or go to a client meeting and try as you might you can’t find anywhere to park except for one place 3 miles away that wants to charge you astronomical prices for a short 3 hour stay. And yet…there are so many people who go out to work in the morning and have an empty drive way or garage or who don’t even have a car but have a parking space reserved for them. ParkAtMyPlace.com connects people with parking space available for short term use with people who urgently need a parking space close to their destination.

Want to offer car parking services in your city? Then you’ll discover that Burrow already has all the features you need to create a car parking space website. People with parking spaces available can list them on the website along with the location, times they are available, the hourly or daily cost and how long it is available for. Burrow will connect people needing a parking space and handle the booking, transaction, escrow and review process.

Local Classes

Your skills are in demand and can make you money! Has anyone ever told you that you make the best cocktails? Are your lasagne dishes legendary? Do you make hand crafted greetings cards and the most beautifully wrapped gifts? What ever your skill it’s likely that there are people in your area that are willing to pay to learn from you which is where skillshare.com comes in and lets anyone post their classes or skills they want to share with others and allows people to book a one-on-one class or attend a group class.

Burrow would need a little bit of customization if you want to let people offer group classes, but for basic one-on-one classes Burrow has everything that your seller needs to list their class. They can set the times the class will be held, the dates, take photos of what is going to be taught and of course where the class will be held. People can come to the site and find out what classes are available in their local area. Burrow will handle the bookings, the transactions and hold the money until after the class has been completed in case of complaints. The review system ensures that buyers can see if they are going to get value for money by attending the class.

These are just some of the many ways in which you can use Burrow to create a collaborative consumption type website and there are many more ways being invented every single week. Recently we came across a website which lets you share your power tools with the local community and another website that lets you rent out your bicycle.

As many people look for new ways to recoup some of the money they spend on buying assets or possessions then we firmly believe that collaborative consumption is here to stay.

The developers of Burrow have made a very useful chart to show all the types of websites you can create by using Burrow. Most of the sites can be run ‘out of the box’ but some might require a small amount of customization to take in to account specific features. You can also check out all other Burrow – airbnb clone crowd-off features here.