We love our customers and we’re always trying to do things that will benefit them in any way.

Here’s another something – we know our products get a lot of attention and there are loads of people that want to use our software but can’t afford the price, and so they end up using inferior, bug ridden scripts (euw!).

Determined to do something about this inequality, we have introduced a new payment plan for several of our products. We’ll let you pay us through easy monthly installments (EMI). We understand that not everybody is able to pay us in one go, but you just have to buy our product because you realize how useful it is for you!

To make things easier, we will accept payment for three of our very popular products Anova, Rayzz and the newly launched Rayzz Lite, in equal monthly installments, paid over 3 months. There is a tiny additional fee for this service – but we all know that’s common for all payment plans :)

We’re implementing this on a trial basis, and if this works out well for you and for us, we just might extend this wonderfully helpful offer to all our products! So all those of you who thought you wouldn’t buy our products only because you can’t pay us at one go, we’ve just made things a whole lot easier for you! Go ahead and order your product right away!