The user-based home service marketplace hit success in this heavily competitive business world. Here, the users refer to both service professionals and seekers. If you fail to gratify their distinctive needs, then ultimately your service marketplace is sure to die away. Give an appealing nature to your service marketplace that can eventually grab the attention of your target audience.

Make sure that your service marketplace incorporated with facilities that can actually meet the need of every user. In this post, let’s have a wider look at the features needed for availing an on-demand service marketplace from service professionals and seekers perspective.

Service marketplace – A narrow business definition

The core business model of home service marketplace is that it connects prominent service professionals to the service seekers. This platform especially comes into existence in gratifying the needs of local services like that of plumbing, web services, party planner, carpentry, home services and much more.

Service professional perspective

Unique form to list the local services

A dynamic form is must avail a user-friendly way to any service professionals to list their services effortlessly. The entrepreneurs have to take care of giving convenience in listing the services in your service marketplace website.

Social marketing

One of the most useful facets that are sought by the service providers is the assistance of the social media support. It is helpful to promote and create more awareness about their services in that local residents with ease.

Service seekers viewpoint

Hassle-free service request

It is one of the facilities that furnish the users with numerous options to select the service professionals. They can give the request to the chosen service provider based on the factors like service types, cost, time, and much more.

Versatile and quick search

Lead generation is nothing but the different way of searching the service professionals. Your website should have options for finding the service providers either directly or giving request to find the suitable professional available for their service needs. It is one of the important features to look into while launching a marketplace for home services.

Social media sharing

By means of using the social media networks the users can share their experience about the service afforded by the chosen professional. So, add this valuable feature to your service marketplace site.

Universal features for both users

Geolocation significance

These days, the people as well as the service professionals are eventually ready to accept or avail services nearby their own location. This factor plays an important role in enhancing the success rate of the website.

Communication channels

Providing rooms for helping the service providers and seekers in clarifying and conversing with each other is important. As it brings up new business leads with ease. Be sure enough to implement effective communication channels to enrich your service marketplace.

Reviews and ratings

It is a very much helpful for both the service providers and seekers. The reliable feedback with this option helps the future service seekers to avail any the best and trusted local services. As well, the service professional can take a look at the feedback of their services and enhance themselves to increase their opportunities.

Quick and easy payment facility

Easy and flexible payment options are the one of the most wanted among the users to settle their payments with ease and comfort.

Social media connectivity

This is the most important facility in this flourishing business world to outperform in any industry. It very well suits the service marketplace as its needs are widely spread across the world.

These are the value-added and most significant features for both service professionals and seekers. This impeccably creates an urge among the target audience to take part and get benefits in no time.

Make a head start to your captivating service marketplace

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