Remember the first time you heard about Uber? Wasn’t Uber’s business idea a little vague when heard for the first time? Today, they have evolved into one of the world’s largest business. However, it was just a beginning; later a multitude of businesses step into on-demand. Now, 22.4 Million users in the US alone spend around $57.6 billion annually on On-demand services. This rapid growth of the on-demand economy has invoked many to utilize the limitless on-demand possibilities. However, as the world is going digital, building an on-demand platform has become the biggest challenge for enterprises. Here in this document, we aim to shed light on the major aspects of on-demand platform development.

5 Essential Features to Incorporate with Your Service Booking Solution

When it comes to on-demand web/app development, one of the most confusing yet prominent factors is the features, attributes and functionalities you need to incorporate to your on-demand application. Anyhow, no matter how much research you have done, the features you include should align with your business objectives.

Simplified User Authentication

Data brings all the difference in business and guess what! The user registration process is the easiest way to gather information from your beloved users. And this is the reason why you must make the authentication process as easy as possible.  Users should be asked to provide email id, name, location, mobile number, username, and password, and join the platform. However, the option to log in with social accounts should be incorporated to ensure maximum flexibility.

Visually Informative UI/UX Design

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero, Designer

As we live in a world full of choices and possibilities, there is no space for mistakes; for often mistakes and ignorance are so very costly than you imagine. When it comes to building a  service booking software, no business can ignore the significance of UI/UX designing. Because the interface is what directly communicate with the users, it has a massive influence in deciding how successful your business is going to be. Anyhow, the basic principle is don’t make it complex. Users love when the interface is intuitive and predictable; it helps users to complete their desired actions quickly without any hassles.

Real-time Geolocation Tracking 

This part is regardless to mention yet cannot be neglected as GPS live tracking has become one of those millennial business norms. Especially with regards to on-demand service booking, location services have a great role to play. Imagine someone is searching for a particular service from a specific area, GPS location services will display the most relevant service providers list to make sure the user experience is at its best. And if you integrate push notifications or alerts. This will work together with the GPS to make the best out of your efforts.

Payment Gateway Integration

Throughout these years we have come across many great philosophies that help us push ourselves to the success we have as of now. However, the truth is above all the philosophies, and the truth is money is the prime concern of any business no matter what. However, this applies to users as well. They also have concerns regarding money transactions. Several questions may arise in their minds. Is this safe to provide my payment information? How reliable the platform is? And many more. For this reason, you must incorporate an intelligent, reliable payment gateway that ensures data security and efficiency in the transaction as well. Stripe payments is an ideal example of this particular scenario.

Flexible Feedback Mechanism

Have you ever wondered how businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo etc has gained so much popularity in a limited period of time frame? The answer is, their rate of growth/evolution is much higher than others. They learn and evolve faster than their competitors in the market. So, how do they do this?- Feedback from the users. Yes, you need to listen to your users, their opinions, criticisms and expectations to bring forth the best experience you can offer. Hence and so, if you are planning to build a service marketplace software, it is crucial that you incorporate an efficient feedback mechanism.

Why Partner with Agriya?

Planning to be a part of global on-demand sector? Want to hire on-demand development services? Agriya- a well-renowned software firm with 2 decades of experience in web and app development has an impressive track record in building and deploying first-rate software platforms. Apart from the premium, customized services they provide,  they offer a wide-array of niche-specific ready-made solutions specifically made to meet the needs of millennial markets. The service booking solution is one of that kind. It is a cookie-cutter script and is open for customization. You can easily employ the script and transform the same into an on-demand service offering platform within just a matter of days.