There was a time when the world was so desperate for a solution for their overwhelming service needs. In fact, even when the demands were substantially high, the traditional service providers struggled to meet their financial goals. However, the real problem was not the lack of service providers or even the demand but the absence of an efficient system that helps service seekers and providers connect with each other.

The inception of on-demand service marketplaces was spot on; for it organize the on-demand services and allowed the users to make benefit out of each other. Now, On-demand service marketplaces are gaining a rapid pace; with an annual growth of over 58%, total on-demand consumers in the U.S is expected to surpass 93 million by 2022. The business opportunities associated with the same are tremendous as of now, and thus we decided to aid future on-demand businesses by providing insights on building an all-inclusive on-demand marketplace.

Crucial Aspects You Should Integrate With Your On-demand service Marketplace

When it comes to building an on-demand service booking solution from scratch, there are a lot of factors you should keep an eye on. Before you get into all those marketing and promotion strategies, the first step is always developing the platform. And it needs utmost care because a platform is a channel through which your users connect with your business. However, in regards of features to be incorporated, there are two different entities you should take into consideration; service seekers and service providers.

Service Seekers – Gaining Trust and Credibility as the Prior Concern

Features targeted on the service seekers should be intended to create a trustworthiness and reliability in your customer’s mind. And how should that be achieved? Let us guide you through.

Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

There is nothing as important as compatibility, especially at this particular period of time. Almost 5 billion people in this world use mobile devices as of now. And imagine if you don’t have a mobile compatible platform, you are going to miss a huge portion of the world’s population. Also, integrating a mobile application as part of business strategy can bring you great results in terms of customer retention, customer service, and even ROI.

Easy Search Mechanism and Navigation

It is true that what your customer feels decides their behavior. And imagine a user browsing through your service marketplace and finding it difficult to discover something they want. What will be that customers reaction? There is no way he/she become a potential customer. This is why it is important to optimize the search and navigation of your marketplace.

Easy Search Mechanism

To ensure maximum user-satisfaction and credibility, you must need to have a robust search functionality, advanced filters and should also enable geo-location. This will make it easy for users to find the right service provider they are looking for.

Optimized Payment Integration

Any business despite the vertical they operate, the prime focus is always on the revenue. Also, your customers will be looking for certain value for the money they have spent. However, to initiate the process of payment, users should feel safe and secure. In light of this particular scenario, one should incorporate a reliable payment mechanism that clearly justifies its purpose.

Payment Integration

There is a multitude of payment services you can avail. Braintree and stripe are two leading service providers in this market scenario. Moreover, provide multiple payment possibilities will improve your chance of conversions as well.

Feedback System

What do reviews and ratings mean to you? Do you ignore them often? If so, it a big mistake you are committing. Feedback or reviews gives a clear idea about what your customers are expecting from your business. It also gives insights on what you lack and where are the places you need to be improved.

However, from a user perspective, it is a communication medium where they can share their opinions and suggestions. It creates a sense of transparency and trust as well.

Chat/Messaging Options

Chat Messaging

The sole purpose and reason of a P2P marketplace are to bridge the gap between service seekers and the service providers. And with an efficient messaging system you can ensure active communication between both the entities. Also, it helps users to be clear about their requirements and demands while booking a service from a service provider.

Service Providers – Assure Simplicity and Visibility

Similar to service seekers, service providers are important elements, and they have to considered and given great priority as well. Take a glance at the core features focused particularly on facilitating service providers.

Dynamic Control Panel

Control Panel

A service provider dashboard is where he/she can manage all their activities and their profile as well. Moreover, it gives them a sense of control of their own activities, and also they can update the information they have already provided any time. In this way, they can improve their possibilities of getting listed in front of potential customers.

Easy Listing

According to service providers, they don’t prefer many intricacies while listing their services. The process of managing their listing should be easy-going. You should let them make changes to their profiles or the information they provided earlier whenever they want. This sense of control will surely be something every service provider will admire.

Analytics Insights

It’s obvious that every service marketplace owners will have access to customer insights. But when it comes to service providers, we are not much aware of their benefits and advantages. However, from our perspective, a service provider should be given access to analytics insights; for they can improve their visibility and reach by understanding the way the users behave within the platform. And guess what! this will be a great idea if you want more service providers in your marketplace.

Commission Fee Structure

This part of a service marketplace business plays a vital role in its success. Service marketplace owners usually earn revenue by getting a portion of service charge from service providers. However, if you set up the commission high, it will definitely hurt your strategies to involve more service providers into your business. Hence, be reasonable and set low commission rate, and that will indeed attract many service providers.

Productive User Acquisition Strategy

Service providers despite the vertical they are involved in, always prefer marketplaces those have a broad user base. Hence and so, it is your prime purpose to plan and execute an excellent user-acquisition strategy that focuses on gaining more users. You can provide discounts and offers to achieve this user-acquisition goal.

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