Nowadays most of the people go to the internet to find information whatever they want because it offers the wide variety and quantity of information to them. Search engines help them to find the information using keywords.

There are large number and variety of search engines such as Google, yahoo, msn, Microsoft etc which helps you grab the global audience to your website which may be developed for personal and business purpose.

Among these competitive search engines, one more search engine christened as Cuil has come to the field. Cuil was developed by former Google engineers. It is wholly different from other search engines mainly as Google for page ranking, because the Google will give more priority to inbound links in WebPages but Cuil will give more priority to content of the WebPages rather than link popularity.

It displays the search results in more friendly way, as you can view the results in two or three columns. Also provides a list of categories related to the topic, using which the exact site can be identified without the deep knowledge in the search topic.

A well search engine has to deliver not only text results for viewers but also it should offer images, videos, audios and news. But Cuil seems to lack this option. At present it delivers search results with related thumbnail image when compared to Google.

Google delivers more relevant ads and has more advertisers in its system but Cuil doesn’t offer any ads on its page.

Privacy policy of Cuil states that it does not store records of users’ search activity or IP addresses whereas other search engines stores this information.

When compared to other competitive search engines, Cuil lacks lot of things. This article represents the feedback on the Cuil compared with other competitive search engines. The feedback is given with the thought that it should help in improving the Cuil in future.