The concept of an online education system is pretty much older than you think. In fact, it is the 170-year-old idea which has evolved into an alternative to our conventional learning practices. Today the growth and potential possibilities of online education are sound and clear than ever before. Predictions state that 50% of all the classes will be given online by 2019.  When contemplating the possibilities and possible challenges in E-learning, it all points to one crucial factor ‘ the E-learning platform’. The success and reach of your E-learning business are determined by the efficiency of your platform.

E-learning and Digital Education- Facts and Figures

Digital education has surpassed the challenge of being internationally accredited. Figure and statistics prove the world-wide acceptance of the concept. In 2016  online learning has secured a revenue of  $51.5 billion. Now, around 78% of organizations take advantage of Learning Management System (LMS), and most excitingly, all these associations are influenced by some sort of E-learning platforms. Moreover, it has influenced the revenue distribution as well. eLearning has additionally prompted an expansion in income for 42% of organizations.

Also when comparing online education with the traditional one, we can clearly understand the upper hand E-learning has on other. Surprisingly the popular courses in both category are same. However online learners score higher marks than the conventional classroom learners. The money included in the process is far more affordable as well (80 times less).

Advantageous Aspects of Online Learning- A Comparison with Traditional Education Practices

Online learning in this 21st century is considered as the best form of education. The massive success of Khan Academy, Udemy etc are proven examples. There are a handful of beneficial factors that give a clear advantage  to the digital education practices when compared with traditional classroom learning.

Convenience and Flexibility as the  First Priority

Conventional learning practices give great importance to the process of learning and so, it developed rules, a specific period of time to help learn as much as possible. But contrastingly, E-learning has taken away this norm by making the whole process more flexible. It allows learners to manage their time well. It is a great opportunity for anyone who have a hectic working schedule. Through this versatile way of learning approach, we can improve the efficiency and potential of the learning practices.

Online Learning can be Asynchronous or synchronous

Synchronous activities mean live lessons. It requires the real-time online presence of all students and mentors. This is all about forming a discussion on any concept from the curriculum and developing opinions on the same. This much similar to traditional learning fashion. Asynchronous activity is forming a similar kind of discussion in an asynchronous environment.  Learners and mentors login to your account and comment on the topic. The instructor and peers provide feedback on their own schedule. This approach is much favorable for those who lead a busy life. They can enjoy the flexibility of submitting their opinions online.

Reading Requirements are High for Online Learning

The concern with traditional learning is that it does not encourage reading. In fact, it has not given proper importance to the same.  Conventional learning methods mainly depend on language, facial expression, and body language whereas online learning practices solely depend on reading. For instance, in the traditional way of learning, the instructor will post the lessons and other relevant contents.  Learners can engage and make the most out of it.

Obtain a Degree or Certification from another state or Country without Moving

The best thing about learning a course online is the convenience of choosing the same from wherever we want. No barriers of boundaries, no hassling criteria, no language barriers. One can complete their course conveniently and obtain a world-class certification despite their nationality or anything. Also, it will provide opportunities for learners to mingle and learn with people from the different parts of the world. This add value and purpose to the educational practices.

Agriya’s Full-scale E-learning Solution- The Smartest way to Build your own Customized Virtual Classroom

The efficient Online classroom software built by Agriya typifies the best in industry e-learning solution. The full-scale software solution from this renowned AngularJS Development Company potentially integrates all the needed ingredients to meet the modern-day education demands. It includes many inventive attributes, which has equally distributed among learners, mentors, and businesses. While we can experience a serious boost in efficiency and performance, facilitation in terms of workflow has also been carried out successfully.

Key Attributes

Diverse Teaching Modules and Lessons- Incorporates numerous paid as well as free courses for the users to choose from. Apart from this, a multitude of teaching modules is included in order to deliver a competing teaching experience.

Multilingual Options- Users can select the language of their choice and continue using the platform on the same. This promotes convenience and flexibility in learning. Moreover, this imposes a localized impression as well.

Reviews and Feedbacks- Users are allowed to review and write feedback on the courses they took. This helps the businesses to know the user expectations and they can improve themselves in the future as well.

Advanced Admin Dashboard- To take control of all the ongoing processes and to effectively manage and organize all the actions and functions happens within the platform.

Reliable Payment Options- Secure payment gateways like Zazpay and Paypal are integrated into this platform to ensure flawless cash transactions.

Revenue Generation Patterns

Revenue or income generated through the sales or any other profit generation techniques are critical for the growth of your business. In fact, without a stable revenue, you can’t afford running a business. Here mentioned the revenues generation methods in Agriya’s E-learning solution.

Site Commission- This is the modules that allow you to earn income from the professors associated with your learning platform.

Subscription Fee- This gives the opportunities for businesses to earn money from the users as they subscribe to articles or video lessons.

Ads Integration- Allowing other organizations to display their banner ads on your platform can help you earn some income.

Agriya’s foremost Online learning software represents the best in the industry. So, employ this excelling software script today, set up an incredible online-learning platform right away.

Technologies Behind the Build

The online learning solution developed by Agriya is a full-scale software script, built by utilizing the best of today’s technologies. The front-end development process is supported by Angularjs whereas the back-end by core PHP. To ensure maximum efficiency and overall performance, Postgresql is incorporated into the development process. It ensures secure data storage and efficient response to the requests from other applications. Besides, we as a widely recognized AngularJS development company utilize every potent possibility to bring the best out of this software solution.


Both online and traditional educational practices have possible benefits as well as disadvantages. Traditional learning practices help enhance human interactions, it gives exposure to the campus activities and so much more. However, we are not in a race to prove the dominance of any form of education over another. In fact, Digital learning is an evolved product of the conventional educational system itself. We hope, through constant innovation and right practices in education, we will acquire progress and sustenance in future.

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