Most webmasters now recognize that Analytics is one of the best free web stats programs available. However, with this data, you are telling Google everything they need to know about your website, including time spent on the site, page views, bounce rate…everything.

There has long been a wonder about whether Google tracks users who click on their organic search results. Do they track click through rates for different sites? Do they log when a user hits a backbutton? Do they use some area 51 hidden frame display technology to monitor the facial reaction of the user as they open up the site?

Well, they may do, but do they really need to do it when you are giving them all the information they need to assess your site via Google Analytics?

If this disturbs you that Google knows too much about your site then it may be time to check out Piwik.

Piwik has worked on this Google analytics proprietary technology and has come up with an open source alternative for that.

This Piwik open source product is developer friendly with access to the source files as well and claiming the advantages of it’s open source product as

  • Open API
  • Plug in architecture
  • Data abstraction layer
  • Customizable dashboard

For more details Check: Piwik: Open Source Google Analytics Alternative.