The newest technologies and internet has been modernizing every part of our lives, even the way we work. However a huge number of individuals are looking for additional income in addition to their monthly salary. Thus, people started finding their work over the internet through different online job sites. Since freelancing jobs have paved a great way for people to work from home at their convenient timings, the demands for online job sites are increased to a greater extent. Keeping all these factors in mind, Agriya has specially designed and launched a high quality freelance bidding script! Let’s discuss about the benefits and revenue options of this freelancer clone script in detail.

The emergence of Agriya’s bespoke Freelancing Script

After a thorough analysis, Agriya has identified that the demand for freelancer jobsites are very high demand in the global market and numerous business owners are striving to create their online freelancer portals. Since developing these portals has become easier by cloning the original scripts, entrepreneurs started purchasing these scripts to construct a brilliant online freelance service providing platform at affordable prices. This platform would greatly help both the job seekers and the project managers to meet their requirements.

How this script works?

Once the website is launched, employers can list their projects in the website. Freelancers who are looking for projects can bid any specific project with the quote. Eventually, the employers review various different bids and choose a freelancer who matches up their needs to complete their task. As soon as the project has been delivered to the employer, the specified amount of money will be transferred to that particular freelancer’s account.

Benefits of Freelancing Bidding Script

With the support of highly skilled professionals, we have designed this script by incorporating fabulous features like projects management, urgent projects, hidden bids, project favorites, dispute management system and etc. All these features help the freelancer to effectively manage their accounts and get benefited.

Revenue Options

  • Project Listing Fee – Employer will pay a project listing fee to the site.
  • Urgent Listing– To complete any project urgently, project holder has to pay urgent listing fee to the admin.
  • Advertisement Captcha – Captcha system in registration form will earn revenue when the user enters the Captcha.
  • Employer’s commission – This option enable you to gain commission when the employer selects any freelancer for his projects.
  • Freelancer’s Commission– You will receive a certain amount of commission when freelancer accepts the project for development.

Apart from these, you have feature listing and advertisement banner options which will helps you to gain revenue.

This freelancing script is highly effective in performance and other factors. It’s a user friendly script will help the business owners to exceed their client’s requirements as well as to earn money in every possible way.