Why Encrypt?

Agriya has taken the decision to start pro-actively licensing it’s software. When Agriya first began selling software 13 months ago, we encrypted all the files to prevent piracy. Our...

Google & Yahoo To Swap Ads

In what seems to be a shot across the bows of the dreadnought that is USS Microsoft, Google and Yahoo today announced a two week long ‘experiment’ of swapping...

Picking Hot Niches

There’s a handy little tool provided by Google that seems to have been overlooked by many SEO’s and webmasters in general. The tool is called Google Trends and it...

Google Buys Double Click

It’s official, Google is showing off the latest offspring to be welcomed in to the family; online advertising firm, DoubleClick. Google paid $ billion in cash for the company...

PHP 4 is Dinosaur Technology

Since it’s release over 3 years ago, PHP 5 has really failed to capture the hearts of programmers and development companies around the world. Who knows what it was,...

New Kootali Update

I think we might have to rename this week the Week of Updates, as hot on the heels of the latest Rayzz update, we are pleased to announce that...




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