“Earth is the only planet which has amazing socializing options”. Most of the users want to break up with routine life and have some moments of fun. They go to parties, concerts and various night life events. They require a valuable source, which can inform them about latest events. Agriya finds a solution and developed “PartyPlanet” – an ultimate ClubPlanet clone script.

It assists you to build a website where venue owners can add their events and upload images and videos to describe the event. He can also send an RSVP and invite the users of your website. Users can respond to his RSVP and participate in the event to have fun.

Agriya takes a constant effort to build more beneficial features in this script and upgrades “PartyPlanet” with new features and powerful revenue generating options. Let’s have a view on the remarkable enhancements in the new version of PartyPlanet.

Our existing customers gave us valuable feedbacks, suggested various features and revenue options to us. We acknowledge every suggestion and issues reported by them. We not only concentrate on the customer reported issues, but also addressed issues reported by our QA team.

We collect every issue and upgraded “PartyPlanet” from version v1.ob3 to v1.0b4 along with various revenue options and splendid features.

New features of PartyPlanet

With this update, PartyPlanet gets a new set of features. These features will not only benefit the users, venue owners and the website admin, but also enhance the script in various ways.

Event Ticket Booking Management

PartyPlanet will help the users to explore an event and buy tickets for themselves as well as their partner. This feature will add more comfort to the user by allowing him to buy tickets as soon as he views the event.

This exclusive Event ticket booking feature also helps the venue owner to plan his event on basis of the leads generate from the website. This feature will assist the website admin to earn from every ticket sold on the website.

PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway

PartyPlanet now has a PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway. This feature will automate all the payment transactions of the website. It will provide a hassle free transaction between the user, website admin and the venue owner. When a user pays for the tickets through PayPal, the website commission is deposited in website owner PayPal account, the PayPal transaction fee and pays the remaining amount to the venue owner.

Website Commission

PartyPlanet has got new revenue option with this update. The admin can take a percentage of the website commission fee for every ticket purchased on his website. To activate this option, the website admin should enable the tickets fee feature in the admin panel.

Solve Media Advertisement-Captcha

Say Bye-Bye to spam users by using a Advertisement Captcha system. Agriya has re- energizes this system by integrating Solve Media Ad-Captcha in “PartyPlanet”. This system will not only restrict spam users, but also assist the website admin to earn extra money.  We have integrated this captcha system in the user registration form. So, whenever a user registers on the site, the website owner earns money from it.

Final word

We are delighted to announce that this “PartyPlanet” upgrade is free of cost for our existing customers. They can download the upgrade from our customer area and update their PartyPlanet script.Agriya always takes a promising approach to upgrade our products and create various opportunities for website admin and the users. Stay connected with us to know the latest concept of this online era.