Since it’s release over 3 years ago, PHP 5 has really failed to capture the hearts of programmers and development companies around the world. Who knows what it was, but there was a general reluctance amongst programmers, hosting companies and webmasters to embrace PHP 5.

It is only in the last 6 months when announced that it would no longer support PHP 4 that we have seen a significant shift in hosting companies updating to run PHP 5. Why did it take so long to upgrade? Simply put, their clients were running OLD technology and if they upgraded the server to PHP 5 it was likely that a lot of their clients’ sites would break. The out come? Mass exodus from their servers.

But now, finally, it looks like the transition to PHP 5 is underway, but as foreseen by hosting companies refusing to upgrade to PHP 5, it is creating problems for people running PHP 4.

So, if your PHP 4 script is broken, or your PHP 4 site no longer works, come and talk to us about upgrading your software to PHP 5.

We can take on any kind of project, big or small, if your PHP 4 script has stopped working, we can help upgrade it from PHP 4 to PHP 5.

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