Yes, there is a multitude of articles on this topic but a lot of those are written for promoting any particular platform. A lot of us now crave for a genuine comparison that depicts the true value of each platform without any marketing intentions.

We have PHP, a powerful server-side scripting language, the most widely used platform,  in fact, PHP web development services has gained remarkable traction as for today. On other hand, we have ASP.NET language that has Microsoft as its backup bearer and can be operated across any .NET supported language. So, it is hardly possible to really choose one over another as both ASP.NET and PHP are ideal languages to develop a digitally connected ecosystem. Here is the quick overview of few benefits and features that ultimately may help you choose the best platform that well suits your purpose.

Kick Start With Market Share



As for now,  the success of any new technology, language or almost anything is about its market share. We took into considerations several websites and the respective programming language technologies they used. We ended up reaching this conclusion, 9% websites are made up of Ruby on Rails, where ASP.NET and PHP were preferred by 34% and 57% of developers respectively.

Performance And Speed

Performance of any web application simply depicts the quality of interaction between the database, the script and the server. To begin with, while you begin developing a new web application in PHP, it fundamentally acquires the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) form, which in turn assures a top-end service.

There fundamentally are two factors that optimistically affects the performance. The Os, as well as the file system, will have a direct impression over the performance of one web application. And it’s a known fact that Linux operating system and ext4 file system offer better iOS performance over Windows and NTFS file system.

The speed of any web application can be examined as it communicates with Server. This is not about testing the platform speed exactly, but the speed of back-end databases. The process is as follows when the web application tries to communicate with the database file, the embedded file system will normally exploit the speed of the OS on which it is working.

Hence, is basically a framework and it has limited functionalities as it works on Windows platform, PHP is much superior considering its ability to work across multiple platforms.

Resources And Support

Technology has grown immensely and it’s getting hard and hard to fit in. PHP is the most familiar language and do you know the reason behind this accomplishment?

LAMP is an open source platform and hence it receives massive support from its vast community of PHP developers. As it is making constant progress through the contributions from its loyal community, there is no way to confine it from growing any more.

Conflictingly, is experiencing a slow growth pattern in terms of improvements and updates as it relies on a limited number of developers at Microsoft. This is the reason why we see a huge bloom in PHP web development.

Scalability Factor

Even though there haven’t much scope for comparison, we picked this specific factor for one particular reason, which we will reveal as we progress.  Honestly saying, both PHP and are equally scalable. Scalability bank on aspects like Programmer’s experience, programming practices and so on.

Now let’s get into the contrast part. The most familiar database used along with is Microsoft SQL server. But in results, PHP and MSSQL seem to be a better pair. Another factor is the OS and the file system. And guess what! The statistics data reveals the truth,  Linux and ext4 file system have better performance than Windows and the NTFS file system. Hence justified!

Ease Of Learning

Learning is a constant process and it applies to Web development too. We own this privilege of having the best developers of all time, and this wouldn’t have been achieved without learning.

Anyone who associates with PHP web development process by any means will recommend the same for others, as PHP is known to be the easiest and user-friendly platform. on other hand is written in C#, which is possibly well hard for beginners to grasp.

However, the learnability factor differs from person to person. It depends on the expertise and potentiality of the person. There certainly are people who find easy as they master the skill to mess with it, there are people who favor PHP too. In the end, it’s all up to you.

Why master the skill to mess with it, there are people who favor PHP too. In the end, it’s all up to you.

Freedom To Code

One of the common behavior we could find in every developer is their hunger for Freedom. They crave for the freedom to innovate, to apply their imagination to whatever they are up to.

PHP, unlike, offers the freedom to code. Since PHP is an open source platform, there really is no impossibility for developers. When using PHP one can use or code using text editors such as the Emacs, Notepad++, Bluefish, jEdit, or even the Notepad that you use. Moreover, PHP is highly compatible as it is not inclined to any particular OS. This tends to be one of the ground reason for the constant PHP web development boom. when comparing with PHP restricts their users to a single platform called Microsoft Visual Studio. And it limits itself to Windows platform as well.

Bottom Line

Hope you find the answer you were looking for. We personally prefer PHP over, as we have established ourselves as a PHP web development company some good sixteen years ago. And like I mentioned before, both PHP and are successful platforms. Some successful websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter etc, also use these languages. Hence, there really is no point in suspecting their abilities.