On-demand service market is growing rapidly and is trying to blend perfectly with the current digital culture. Over 3 Billion people use the internet as for now and they all are either looking for services, products or answers. An on-demand services marketplace is a consolidated software platform, which helps users to find any on-demand services from within a single portal. Agriya launches an in-depth services booking solution, ideal for businesses to set up an on-demand services marketplace seamlessly.

Features to Look For in Agriya’s Service Booking Solution

The next from Agriya’s line of products, the on-demand service booking solution incorporates several inventive functionalities and thus guarantees an efficient overall functioning. The simplified workflow and flawless operations together deliver an impeccable experience.

Book Services with Great Ease and Precision

The reason and the purpose of any businesses are stretched to this point called customers. To satisfy them is the only way to sustain in business. To identify your market and knowing the customers is the core part of your endeavor and further providing what they actually want is how you succeed.

Simplified UI for Stellar User-Experience

Agriya ensures incredible user-experience through its user-intuitive UI design. Users can easily join the platform. They can search for the services they need and further request the same effortlessly. The rationalized workflow makes it easy for the users to navigate through the categories, services, and more.

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Valid Categorization and Easy Booking

The most efficient platform is the one which helps users complete their action or task quickly and efficiently. Agriya’s service marketplace solution allows users to choose their desired services from the categories, and by utilizing the advanced search options, they can perform a much-targeted search as well. They can request the service conveniently by considering the date, time and availability.

Multiple Languages to Choose From

Choose the appropriate language from the list and navigate the platform in the same. Get a localized impression by using the website in your preferred language.

Reviews and Feedback to Rate the Services

Feedbacks and reviews are crucial for businesses, which helps them improve their approach further. Feedback or the responses from the user not only help businesses but also aid other users to find potential service providers.

Paypal Payment Gateway for Legitimate Transactions

Authentic payment gateways to safeguard the online money transactions occur within the platform. Integrated Paypal as part of this advanced on-demand services marketplace solution to deliver a reliable, safe experience.

List your Services in Front of Thousands, Reach the Potential Customers

Service providers are offered with this outstanding opportunity to reach a substantive amount of users, which is impossible for them without a service marketplace portal. By taking advantage of the features built within, one can optimize their service visibility, availability and so much more.

Flexible Authentication Methods to Join

Easy sign in or sign up method for service providers as well as service seekers to join the platform. You can sign in via social profiles or even use the Email for the same.

Add services, Catalogue them Accordingly for Maximum Reach

List all the services you offer, categorize them accordingly and optimize your profile space by providing necessary information like prices, working hours and more. The more you optimize your profile for your targeted customers, more the possibility to reach them.

Get a Quick  Glance at Customer Behaviors and Actions

Service providers will get a brief idea about customer behaviors, actions, their response rates etc from the performance indicator.  It will also display the reviews and feedback received.

Featured Listing Options For Enhanced Visibility

Service providers can gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of the sponsored listing options. One can make use of this to display their services above others.

Transaction History to Access Previous Booking Details

Information regarding previous bookings and payments can be accessed from the transaction history.

Powerful Enterprise Solution for Business Success

Agriya’s full-fledged service marketplace solution follows a business-focused approach and provides all the essential attributes for them to lead and to withstand the current flow. The futuristic features integrated with this software solution facilitate business to streamline their operations.

All-inclusive Admin Panel for Complete Control

The on-demand services marketplace solution from Agriya integrates an advanced admin dashboard to facilitate businesses to have control over their process. They can organize, manage and run the process efficiently with the help of this.

Add Cities, Optimize for Different Locations

Add multiple cities, optimize your marketplace for any particular location. Expand your business territory by exploring more.

Pre-built Email Templates to Ease Up your Marketing Efforts

Creating custom Emails and sending those can be a tiring task. Keeping this in mind, we Included default Email templates, which allow businesses to accelerate their Email marketing efforts, moreover, save a considerable amount of productive time as well.

Valuable Insights from Automated Analytics

Plan and take futuristic actions by considering the user behavior, actions, response and more. Receive valuable insights via machine-driven analytics.


Want to set foot on on-demand services business? Looking forward to improving your ROI? Lay hands on Agriya’s foremost services booking solution today, set up an incredible on-demand marketplace platform all the way. This best in class software solution assures maximum compatibility and can be customized according to your changing requirements.

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