“Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people, it is a simple fact.”

Software Testing:

Software testing is the process of finding the defects as soon as possible and fixing them before delivering products to the client and also verify that the application meets the client’s requirement. This increases the “Quality” of the product and decreases the “Risk”

Importance of Testing:

      It Increases Customer satisfaction and the number of customers as well.
      It Increases the Quality of the application.
      It Increases the reputation of the organization.

The Testing Team at Agriya:

The testing team at Agriya consists of 5 members and a Quality Manager. All of us are certified form ISTQB.

Testing Applications:

We test third party projects, client projects and our own products as well.

Types of Testing in Agriya:

At Agriya we develop web-based applications using php, Ruby on rails, JavaScript, Dot net and Flash; hence we perform the following types of testing.

Unit Testing:

Done by Developers.

Functional Testing:

1) Sanity Testing

2) Smoke Testing

3) Component Testing

4) Integration Testing

5) Regression Testing

6) URL Testing

7) System Testing

Non-Functional Testing:

1) Load Testing

2) Performance Testing

3) Compatibility Testing

4) Installation Testing

5) Usability Testing

6) User Interface Testing

7) Security Testing

Successful Third Party Projects from Agriya Testing Team:

1) Neopolis : http://www.neopolis.com/

2) Parent juice : http://www.parentjuice.com/

3) KompasTV : http://www.kompas-tv.com

4) Seleb.Tv : http://www.seleb.tv

5) VideoKu : http://www.videoku.tv

Successful Client Projects from the Agriya Testing Team:

1) Forum for democracy : http://www.forumfordemocracy.com/

2) U2upfly : http://www.u2upfly.com/

Successful Products from the Agriya Testing Team:

For Product List kindly view the following Link: