You had a brilliant idea, you launched a business and you’ve started your website. But what do you to promote it? How do you get people to come to your website? And then how do you get them to buy your products? Here are a few tips to market your business online:

One of the easiest and smartest ways to get more traffic to your site is by getting a high rank in popular search engines. To get listed with search engines like Yahoo, Google or Inktomi, you have to submit your site to them. Make sure that the keywords under which you want your article to be found are effectively used and are placed at the top of your articles/pages.

Ensure that the titles on all your pages are relevant and linked to what your business is about. Try to get yourself a domain name that goes well with your business, or if you are a well known, well established company, then try to use your company’s name.

Use your website address on everything you print for your business purposes – letter heads, visiting cards, etc. to promote your business offline as well. Since most people now turn to the web to obtain details and read reviews, it’s good to direct them to your website in every way possible. Try to let the local, national and global press know of your website. Make use of press releases both online and offline.

Advertise online. Both free and paid ads work well. Place classified ads on the net and provide crisp details of what your business offers. Web banners are another effective technique to let people know of what you provide and guide them back to your website through links.

The content on your site needs to be precise, of good language and detailed. Once you’ve managed to direct traffic to your site, you need to keep your visitors from just browsing through and moving on. They need to be convinced into buying something.

Use a good design, with appropriate colours and placement, use good pictures or flash, provide videos on your site, and keep all your text well written. One of the main reasons people are going to keep coming back to your site is because of good comprehendible content. Use a site map for better navigation. Nobody really has the time, and a well constructed site map will definitely be appreciated.

Publish articles about your business, write blog posts and welcome suggestions. Interacting with potential customers using chats, forums and blogs will be of definite help; provide a platform for people to interact with each other as well on your site.