The Rayzz developers have been working on Rayzz for the past few weeks to fix a number of new bugs and improve its functionality. With their effort, most of the bugs in the software are fixed, and it has then been released as Rayzz 2.3.6

The bugs that were fixed in the new version are:

  • Moved the hard coded language values to the language files.
  • The error in GetCode in My Videos listing page is fixed.
  • In the member manage page, the unused ‘set affiliate’ and ‘earnings’ links are removed.
  • In the old version, the checked user name does not appear in the popup window in ‘To’ address field of the mail compose page. It is rectified in the new version.
  • Clicking on any Arabic tags or search in Arabic, always shows the message “No Records Found”. The developers have fixed this bug.
  • The error in editing the configuration in admin when extra comments are added in the file is fixed.
  • When YouTube videos are uploaded, it throws Invalid URLs, if the server is not able to access YouTube without WWW in the URL. Now the developers have fixed this.
  • The issue of playing from the beginning on clicking pause and play in the audio player is fixed.

This looks to be a great improvement over the current system, and those who already use it will get the update for free.

It’s time to update your Rayzz with new release, in order to keep the system up to date and improve its characteristics.

Blatant advertising warning…

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