We are always listening to our clients and working round the clock to fix bugs and add features, to providing top quality software solutions to our customers. Our policy is to provide products that are hassle-free and enriched with features requested for by clients.

Recently, we have released a new version of Rayzz after fixing following issues:

  1. Typo in error message that is displayed while creating a group is corrected.
  2. There was a complaint that emails from the contact us form are sent to no reply email. This is no more an issue, we have rectified it.
  3. The deleted members are also listed in the friends list. We rectified our coding accordingly so that deleted members are permanently removed from the friends list.
  4. The graph images are not displayed correctly sometimes when other languages are chosen. We have sorted this out.
  5. Adult videos are shown in the home page of mini FLV player & videos watched last irrespective of the mature warning status were also displayed. This has now been fixed, and the display of adult videos is controlled based on the warning status.
  6. In the old version, the edit comment in other languages was not working. It is amended in new version.

We frequently release updates based on feedbacks and responses from our customers, and help them get the most from Rayzz.

Update to the new version and enjoy Rayzz!