Today we’ve got some very exciting news for you as we publish the first ever screenshots of our new Rayzz 3.0 software – sure to get the hearts racing of all online community admins everywhere!

Rayzz 3.0 Home Page

Rayzz 3.0 Home Page

(Please feel free to ‘steal’ the screenshot above and post it on your blog or website when discussing the upcoming release of Rayzz 3)

Simply beautiful, isn’t it? Rayzz 3.0 is going through final testing and once finished will include the beautiful and seamless integration of the following modules:

  • Videos
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Discussion

Who Could Use Rayzz 3.0?

Rayzz would be perfectly suited to a golfing community portal. You’ve got the videos to provide video demonstrations on how to reduce handicaps and get better putting accuracy, photos to show some of the amazing golf course locations, articles to give insight and technical theory on various aspects of the sport and a discussion board to let members interact and ask questions.

You could even customize it a bit more and integrate Google Maps to show where all the golf courses are, create a directory of golf courses all over the world and let members view, comment and share them.

Stay tuned for some more screenshots which I’ll post later this week!