“Get work done at 5 dollars”, doesn’t this sound so attractive and lucrative. Well, imagine the power of this concept when it comes live in online. It will not only earn a lot of popularity, but also helps entrepreneurs like you to earn money easily as well. Fiverr crafted the business model out of this concept.

Entrepreneurs around the world wanted to replicate this business model and launch it in their regions. Agriya viewed this demand and created the most innovative Fiverr clone script – FPPlatform. Let’s see some promising details about it.

What is FPPlatform?

FPPlatform is a new generation PHP Fiverr clone script, which can help you to create an exceptional microjobs website like Fiverr and Gigbucks. Agriya has not only replicated the features, revenue options and the business model of these websites in its script, but also introduced an innovative mechanism which has never been seen in the major microjobs websites as well.

Let’s explore the benefits, revenue options, highlighting features and applicable verticals of this revolutionary microjobs script.

Package of advantages

Wrapped with a bundle of advantages microjobs script is specially tailored to provide a win-win situation for your website, employers and freelancers. By choosing this script, you will not have the hassles of coding, designing, researching and testing your website from the scratch. It assists you to create a Fiverr clone website in 48 hours with profitable revenue option, ready-made responsive web 3.0 designs, codes and numerous revolutionary features.

A new mechanism of requesting gigs

This Fiverr clone script will add an element of uniqueness to your website. It will include a whole new mechanism of getting things done easily. Besides browsing the gigs, now the users can just fill a form, specify their requirements and request a gig from the website. Once he posts the form on your microjobs website, the script will automatically search for the related freelancers and send a notification to them. If they find it apt for their skills, they will opt for the gig. This will ease the work of users, assist freelancers to find new gigs and will help your website to earn money easily.

Powering multiple payment gateways in a microjobs website

This microjobs script has an exclusive payment mechanism which allows you to choose a combination of national and multinational payment gateways for your Fiverr clone website. You can utilize this feature and fuse the payment system with respect to your target audience.  The users of your website will be free from currency conversation charges. This will give a leading-edge to your microjobs website.

Calm the disputes from its roots

Maintaining cordial relationship between the freelancers and employers during the time of disputes is a difficult task. But, this Fiverr clone script makes it easy for you. It has a dispute management system which helps you to see the conversation between the employers and freelancers. You can go to the root of the problem and give the decision in favor of the right person.

Explore 60+ dynamic features of this script from this link http://customers.agriya.com/products/fixed-price-platform/features

Nest of profitable revenue options

FPPlatform not only easily invites users to your website, but also provides your website with numerous revenue generating opportunities. Check out these options right away.

  • Website commission – Every gig sold through your website will pay you website commission
  • Ad banner  – Display third-party banners or advertisements on your Fiverr clone website and earn money from it.
  • Ad Captcha – Generate revenue whenever a user enters ad captcha on your website.

View this Fiverr clone script in action

Experience the live mode of the best PHP Fiverr clone script ever present in the online industry. Have a look at it right away.


Final Word

FPPlatform is a cutting-edge Fiverr clone script which has all the necessary attributes required for creating, running and operating a successful microjobs website. This script will provide a win-win situation for everyone who is using your website.