twitterAs wildly popular as Twitter is, most people still haven’t tried it, for the simple reason that there is nothing they believe they have to say worth sharing with the world. Which is a curious thing to say; Twitter is as much about subscribing and following, as it is about tweeting and posting. Twitter could be the best newspaper, the best gossip column or the best community gathering place – anything you need it to be – to answer to your very specific interests and viewpoints. This is in fact, true of even the most active tweeters out there. Tapping into what everyone has to say about a subject that is close to one’s heart, a favorite movie, sports team, thoughts about George Bush or anything, has quickly become the most important part of connecting through Twitter. You just need to be there in the cloud of information people share with you, to understand how useful, and appealing it can all be; and while you’re at it, you’ll probably find yourself reacting to what you read, with a tweet of your own. You probably won’t come away from your time on Twitter empty-handed; there are tens of millions of tweets published on Twitter each day. Here are more reasons to turn Twitter on in your life, if you haven’t done so already.

Conferences and trade expositions are such difficult places to keep track of people in, that conference organizers quickly realized how useful a tool Twitter could be in sending out thoughts and messages to groups of people all at once; and to use the ubiquitous Twitter hash tag for this. For instance, if you are attending a medical conference called UniMed, you just need to add #Uni or something to the end of each one of your tweets, and right away, everyone who is tuned in to that hash tag, reads you.

Twitter is also great as a way to know what is around you in places you travel, or go to. Twitter now allows you to search for trending topics, for whatever geographical area you are in. There are apps for Twitter with names like Twitter Local, that allow you to look for tweets coming out of places close to you. And if you want to find out what happen to be the most discussed topics in the area you are in, you could check out

And of course, all this leads up to how you can participate yourself one day. A good way to participate, if you feel you have something to actually contribute, is to simply ask the question. To set the ball rolling, you could ask a question on a popular topic that people are sure to have strong opinions on. For instance, you could ask people if watching the Academy Awards ceremony, is as hip as it once was. Or, if there is a strange physical symptom that is bothering you, you could put out a question about it on twitter, and watch wonderful inputs for and by the truckload. Twitter is what you make it to be. And the best part is, it’s greatest uses, probably haven’t even been discovered yet.