Hardcore Javascript developed at its best is what Node.js as a open source platform exhibits. Long time benefits of Javascript such as browser compatible scripting, and high productivity and many other traits have been successfully enclosed in Node.js platform as well. Node.js has all the merits of a server side scripting language, and it runs smoothly with multiple operating systems. All web development companies that provide Node.js Development Services to accomplish the task of interactive web application development with ease, stability and reliability.

What shapes Node.js’ popularity

Not one, but many facts count on the fame of Node.js, and some vital instances are worth listing.

  • It is pretty simple for basic Java programmers to upgrade to Node.js. The language is easy to crack, for the tutorials are readily available. 
  • This language works well with all the popular environments including Windows, and Linux.
  • Node.js works swiftly even if it has to deal with a massive number of clients waiting on the queue.
  • It happens to a single threaded program which has numerous options for controlling quick run-time executions such as event-loops, call-back methods, and simple concurrency model.
  • The community support available for this program is so extensive, and users will find their questions answered in no time.
  • Users will find costless web hosting services that are simple in terms for starting a business.
  • Fantastic, well -refined, and an innovative set of tools that offer programmers top-class functionalities.

Where Node.js functions so perfectly

All frameworks have different working pattern, and some in practice function more effectively than the others. Node.js serves programmers faultlessly while creating applications that interact with the server more than usual in comparison. Node.js outshines other frameworks in certain practical situations and some cases to the point are listed below.

  • It is the best platform for advertising values in an ever changing stock exchange dashboard.
  • Chat applications will work with a great interface when designed using Node.js.
  • The programme is ideal for designing applications that consume a lot information from the database servers.
  • It functions splendidly while creating native applications for smart phone devices.
  • Node.js works well with any live applications on a web page.


It is true that Node.js is an excellent platform to create applications, but there are certain types of applications in that this platform displays its lag. For instance, Node.js Development Companies find ineffective to create applications that demand heavy CPU processing, and interaction with relational databases. It serves as a fantastic platform for creating applications that serve the clients with the best in a queue. That makes Node.js the favorite platform of big corporate like Walmart, Paypal and so on.