You probably saw it: Agriya Infoway has got a new site, with a completely different appearance, new functions, new classifications and brand new design, in fact.

The question that you probably wanted to ask is very short: “why?” Why Agriya wanted to change this site? The answer is also very simple: to suit more users’ needs. The new features added to this site are designed to make this site more “friendly”, for everybody and everything: more “user friendly” and more “SEO Friendly”.

The more important change can be seen directly from the first page: the site is looking now much more attractive than before, thanks to a younger and more dynamic layout. Even the icons are bigger, and texts are less intrusive.


As “Agriya service offer” is changing (a few services are now added), this list needed to change; it is now fully representing how we imagine our business: lively, young, always changing.

This change of site features had also another purpose: to fix what was not working. With this new version, you will not have again the broken links that you used to have in the last version. All those problems disappeared, and the new site, which is now working fine, is looking more professional.

“SEO” is the key word for these new site features: the ROI (Return On Investment) was quite low in the last version of the site, because the conversion rate was not as high as expected. It means that the browsers that turned into customers were not enough. Now, everything has been done to improve those two ratings.

We also put the emphasis on the customer: the new site features are designed to make the customer’s action much easy. For example, buying a product was not totally easy. Now, a “customer cart” was added: it will surely improve the conversion rate, and it will be more “user friendly”.

Last reason for site change: as Agriya Infoway evolved and changed, its internet site needed to show those evolutions and changes. For sure, the products are still the same: YouTube clone, Facebook clone, yahoo-answers clone, webcam recorder script and so forth. The main changes are elsewhere: the services provided by Agriya that includes social network, technical writing, project consultations by dedicated project managers, SEO marketing and quality assurance for your web sites, flash/flex development for audio or video streaming, customization of open source software, design for your website,or web development and enterprise solutions for your projects.

This list has never been so long. It shows the internal revolution that Agriya is facing, and, of course, it can explain why the site needed to be changed.