Food outlets are reaching far and wide now. They are no more confined to eateries & restaurants only; Thanks to the growing Food Delivery apps online. This is the newest trend expanding revenue generation of the Food Service industry by 22% or more. Even a layman today is well-versed with these top-rated applications; ’Swiggy’, ‘Zomato’ & ‘Foodpanda’. These market players have taken food delivery service to the customer’s doorsteps.

Not wondering how long and how far we can go with it, Food Ordering Apps are the new-age Genies which are rapidly spreading out to the farthest corners of the world. ‘Zomato’ stands evidence to this. It made an income of about 1 million in just a year after its entry in 2015. Now it has shot up to 3 million orders in just a month!

Technology has evolved over the years and so have the online websites & Apps. The online sites are most necessarily raised with the best of and updated technologies for an optimum performance. Both Android and ios apps are being implemented for mobile app development. ‘Agriya’, a famed web-development company has been on a hype owing to the systematic development of world-class Web-solutions over years.

How to generate more engaging Food Applications?

It is imperative to focus on the technical aspects before evolving new applications. Particularly considering the food-apps, they need to be handy and convenient to use.

Here we elaborate the essential focus-areas for an upgraded & trendy Food-App:

Maintain a strong Delivery-Tracking system

The first thing to keep in mind while evolving a new food-application is to ensure that it has optimum tracking functionality. Users rely on this feature and find it convenient to track their delivery boys and ensure they receive the package on time. Sometimes, reasons and feedback may be stated for delayed delivery of a package and location detecting issues. In fact, a good GPS tracking system is the soul of your app. Do not oversee it!

Make payments easier

Payment is another keyword that determines the success of your online delivery system. Firstly, it is crucial to maintaining reasonable price levels. Too low or too high delivery charges could be fatal for the business. While the consumer will like to save some unreasonable costs, the restaurant needs to meet his finances. It is always prudent to maintain balanced prices and avoid unnecessary hassles. Also, keep up safe, secure and wide payment options for your users. They should find themselves and their transactions reliable.

Stay Technically Upgraded & Advanced

One more thing your users may like to feel is you have an upgraded system that is not prone to failures or ambiguities. A smooth navigable website with a scalable interface shall keep you constantly going. The right and dependable technology will ensure the best user experience. So do not compromise with it. Any negligence in terms of technology can be a bane for your whole enterprise.

Agriya’s Food Ordering Solution was evolved to meet the requirements of the modern times. You can elaborate your business plans and realize your strategies by implementing the solution for a more compact and unique application. Here’s the demo,Food Ordering Solution Demo

Update the details for user-convenience

Your application is the information brochure as well as the timer for your users. A continuous updating of nearest restaurants, menu-cards, pick-up and delivery times shall make the app more dependable and useful for customers.


Making a robust site for any enterprise was never so easy. But with the advent of enormous scopes, there is a significant hike in the market competition. This has made the evolution & inclusion of web-app solutions indispensable for a faster, more precise and a personalized website/application development.

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