Can video marketing make a huge change in online business? A question asked by most business people when they start promoting their business online. Video marketing is an upcoming technology that helps you win the heart of user by sharing information quickly.

In the fast moving world, users’ intention is to get exact information in limited time span. A well designed video can serve this purpose. People are bored of reading text, they prefer to watch and hear to the information than reading.

A study on online video reveals that the number of people who watch online video will top 1 billion in the next five years. It is obvious that interest of people is switching to videos. It is fact that more than 75% of message is grasped through video.

One more reason for the popularity of video marketing on business field is due to the fact that videos are getting accessed by search engines frequently. It is true videos rank very high in popular search engines, hence the chances of getting exposure to public is high in the video marketing.

The cost of video production and publication is less compared to other advertising costs. You don’t require very expensive cameras, microphones and toned presentations. Just a camera connected to a PC is enough to video any product or service you are offering. A webcam recorder in your hand makes your job easy.

Publishing videos online can be done at zero cost. All you need is an account in YouTube, you can start uploading videos under corresponding category and drive hordes of viewers to your site. Even video testimonials and product/service videos can be placed on your site, just an FLV player on your site is enough to play videos successfully.

On the whole, video marketing is a cost-effective and ingenious way to promote business online. Millions of net surfers are passionate on online videos, and entrepreneurs are starting to cash in on that fascination.