Engineering sector has become the most flourishing business in the freelancing industry where immense numbers of companies and engineers are getting benefits with ease. It includes numerous engineering categories like architecture, algorithm, CAD/CAM, civil, cryptography, engineering drawing, home design, manufacturing, Matlab, Mathematica, mechanical, and structural which are all having a huge scope in the freelancing industry.

That being the case, Agriya, a leading web development company has introduced an interesting Getlancer bidding script- freelancer clone in the global market. This script facilitates the entrepreneurs like you to enter into the freelancing industry by establishing a user-friendly freelancing bidding website especially for the engineering sector.

Now, let’s take a tour of how this engineering sector merges well with your next-generation Freelance clone site with a use case project explanation.

Use case- A complete lifecycle of ‘Building plans/Elevation’ project

If a new registered employer wants to post a project in the engineering and architecture category, then they can login to the website and click the “Get started” option as depicted in the screenshot to list “Building plans/Elevation” project.


After filling all the required details for listing a project, a full page listing will appear with the project name “Building plans/Elevation” as shown in the following image.

Once the listing is over, a part of the work is done by the employer, hence thereafter freelancers have to proceed further. It’s time for freelancers to browse the listed projects in your website, for which freelancing projects they want to work with.

By clicking the “Bid projects” option from the below given portrayed picture, that helps the freelancers to view all listed projects in your website. If they are qualified enough to bid, they will opt for this engineering and architectural based project.

Now, let’s have a look at how a freelancer bids for this project in a pictorial representation. It gives you a clear understanding of how simply the freelancers can bid for this specific project.

Here are few freelancers who are all willing to and eligible to bid for this “Building plans/Elevation” project. Take a quick review at how many freelancers have bid for this project at ease.

After receiving the bids from the freelancers in the specified bidding time period, the employer of this architectural project has to analyze all the submitted biddings carefully. While analyzing, make sure of considering the facts like bidding amount, delivery time and pre-pay amount for finalizing the freelancer and assign the project.

As per satisfying all the key viable aspects that are aforesaid, the employer has shown the suitable freelancer “VictorJack” to accomplish the project in a cost-effective manner. This image describes the complete process of selecting the appropriate freelancer by the employer.

Simply by selecting the right freelancer will not help the employer to kick start the project immediately. It’s in the hands of the freelancer who won the bid. On the flip side, the respective freelancer will receive a “Won Bid for Building Plans/Elevation project” notification from the employer as shown below.

“VictorJack” the freelancer has to give the acceptance by clicking the “Accept” button as illustrated in the upcoming image.

After the mutual project acceptance, both the VictorJack and employer can communicate with each other through the private message board to create the milestone and its respective payment. By the way, they both can complete the project as per the scheduled task on time.

To conclude

Being the webmaster, you can smoothly operate, manage, maintain, and run an exceptional freelancing bidding website for the engineering sector with the help of this aforesaid live freelancing project. This is the solid proof that this script is suitable for the real-time engineering sector.