One of the most regressive revelations of human progress is the inefficiency of our healthcare. We are not neglecting all the recent inventions and innovations in medicine, but pointing out how much we fall behind in terms of its reach. When commercialization began consuming healthcare, as it did to education, at the same time, it disregarded the majority of the world’s population. Because the sole purpose of healthcare is to ensure the health and well being of the population, a novel scheduling concept was a global necessity.

Online appointment booking is now a well familiar and established conception, for it serves millions of people, helps businesses increase the reach of their service while serving the needs of the population. However, its applications are not merely limited to healthcare any more. A wide array of business verticals are getting benefited by the same. This document specifically focuses on delivering deep insights into future trends and possibilities of online scheduling.

Increasing Traction of Online Appointment Scheduling in Global Market

To give some clarity to our claims regarding the rising familiarity of Appointment Scheduling Software, let us invite your attention to some of the statistical figures that proving the authority of the same.

● According to patientPop, almost 66% of healthcare providers will adopt online scheduling services
● 64% of patients will get benefited at the primary phase of its implementation
● 986 million appointments will be made online in the year 2019 alone
● $3.2 billion is the predicted turn over of online appointment scheduling industry in the year 2019

AI and Online Appointment Scheduling

Artificial intelligence is a term we hear almost every day in our lives; whether it’s in the news or social networks, we are well aware of the potential possibilities of the same. Pairing the AI with online scheduling can actually benefit the users in a multitude of ways. However, the fundamental benefit is that it automates administrative tasks while enhancing the customer experience. Also, it won’t eliminate the human element completely from the scheduling scenario, instead it improves the consistency and proficiency of the online scheduling experience.

Mobile Booking is Gaining Prominence

2016 was the year when the experts first noticed the massive increase in the use of mobile devices; for it surpasses desktop for the first time in the history. And guess what! This trend has continued for the last three years. This mobile invasion is predicted to continue beyond, and this is the reason why mobile appointments are gaining traction. In 2019 and the years to come, more and more users will prefer mobile scheduling because it is easily accessible, more convenient, flexible and fast comparatively.

Cloud-based Storage for More Efficient Health Records Implementation

One of the major stumbling block in digitalizing the medical records was the security concerns, especially when it comes to patient confidentiality under HIPAA. However, things are changing as of now; a large majority of healthcare organizations are supporting and at the same time voting for electronic medical records. So, how online appointment solutions are related to this? Well, most of the online scheduling software is web-based and HIPAA compliant. Besides, this electronic health records system are environment-friendly, also cut down overhead costs.

Expansion of Online Scheduling to the Restaurant Industry

Similar to healthcare, scheduling was one of the major problems faced by the restaurant businesses. To manage and organize day to day appointments manually is a tedious process. The inception of digital scheduling concept has however transformed this particular scenario. Moreover, it solves over staffing and under staffing issues as well. Anyway, introducing online appointment scheduling into restaurant businesses will help both the customers and businesses equally.

Why Partner With Agriya?

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Agriya has been a part of global software scenario since the year 2000. And since then we have been serving the technology needs of enterprises from various business verticals. However, apart from the services we offer, we have a premium niche-focused product line that specifically aims to aids the millennial enterprises. The Appointment Booking Software is one of such kind. It is a ready-made solution, and so it can easily be employed and transformed into a matured appointment scheduling platform. Further customizations can be made to the script if it’s necessary for your business growth.