Corporations have a culture of trying their best at reducing everything important that affects their business down to simple numbers; and getting website or SEO success down to simple figures is a real puzzler. Major corporations just do not have any sympathy for the seat-of-your-pants process that is SEO. To corporate marketing departments who live and die by the focus group and traditional advertising, giving control over to the SEO desk at the IT department must be very difficult – especially the established interests at the marketing departments and the advertising agencies.

Retailing is really beginning to bite the dust these days. Why is it then that when you search for a product they might carry, the only thing that shows up at the top of the search listing is Amazon and eBay? Why not the regional discount majors? Perhaps those businesses think that getting their AdSense spot next to the search listings is enough. But it so happens that almost all searchers find it difficult to trust those ads.

Search for Sony Ericsson on Google; the first natural listing you get will be the global homepage where you to choose your region, with nothing else interesting going on. Search for Nokia, and you’ll straight away get your regional website , lots of content with no country select. Putting much content on the main authority page is good SEO. Another mistake made has to do with how there ends up being a lot of product information that is duplicated across dozens of pages. This makes it easier for a customer to search, but it is confusing for Google’s bots – and they turn their nose up at duplication.

The thing to do on an enterprise website design is to give each product page with similar content, a unique URL. Google needs to see which page of a bunch of similar ones is the main focus. Google also hates to see that there are not as many pages as promised on the website, or that there are as many pages as promised, but the pages are mostly empty.

There are many major companies out there that really need customer love on Google.And still, they do not make it to the top ten. SEO is an important resource that these companies could invest in.