The online medium evolved a new changeover in the service sector by giving out a new way of availing services to the consumers in a more sophisticated manner. The establishment of service marketplace with this drastic transition seems to be most needed in this fast growing world. In keeping with the advancement, many business opportunities also spring up in this industry.

Today’s entrepreneurs are keen in kick starting an online business in this industry. But most of them are failing to remember the basics of running a service marketplace efficiently. Agriya developed an interesting Thumbtack clone script – Getlancer Quote to the online world. This script incorporates a rich set of outstanding amenities for your service marketplace business eminently. In this post, we can deal the great importance of the fundamental facilities available in this script.

What is Thumbtack clone script?

Before entering into the special facilities of this script, let’s have a look at the brief note about our Getlancer Quote. A talented troop of developers is involved in establishing an efficient, readily available TaskRabbit clone script. This brings life to a remarkable service marketplace site immediately.

All its facilities are fine-tuned to meet the requirement of the entrepreneurs’ business need. Now let’s discuss it’s few futuristic features that are all must for your service marketplace business.

Geo-location based service listing

Minimum the location, more quick the local services are accomplished on time. So location is the basic principle of running a perfect service marketplace business. This script mainly works on the Geo-location based feature.

The service professionals are required to list their services with their location. This helps the users to find the closest distanced professional for completing their local services on time and effectively.

Request a quote 

In order to maintain the consistency level of services, this script assists the professionals to submit the quote amount to complete the service they offer. From the pool of requests, the users are given the power to select the desired service provider on satisfying all their requirements.

Manage the quote

Being the website owner, you have full influence in managing your service marketplace site activities effectively.  This script allows you to supervise the website completely, starting from requesting till payment transfer.

Request features

Requesting is the main facility where the users and professionals able to find and avail their respective people and projects based on the request submitted. The following are the features related to request options on your service marketplace site.

My request – It is a place where professionals can find the list of requests applied for their service.

Hire request – Whenever the users find a perfect and suitable service professional by viewing their profiles, they can hit the Hire request to submit a quote for getting the service.

Withdraw funds request – once the service is completed, the user will transfer the amount to the professional’s account in the site. To retrieve the funds, the professional have sent a request to the admin to release the money to their bank account.

Final word

The aforesaid is the importance and fine layers of facilities that are all present in this Thumbtack clone script. These features are the basics and the foundation of the service marketplace business.