We all know that our television sets are the great things to watch the happenings of the world on. Television offers us a wide range of valuable programmes that are very useful and these are available almost anywhere at any time. For instance, weather reports to prepare for the day, live news reports to access instant information, and advertisements to know about products and new ideas, and so on.

Television not only provides many types of programmes with interesting and broad content, but also serves to fulfill our needs in terms of providing entertainment and knowledge related programs. Cartoons, films and sports provide relaxation and fun for people, who are looking for entertainment and distractions. People want to know more about information on education and other issues because they are inquisitive and like to learn. TV gives us these in the form of school programmes, documentaries and so on.

People want to share their thoughts about TV related shows with likeminded people. How they can do it? Is it possible? Yes, they can. Social networking has created new ways to communicate and share information, through which people can share their thoughts and views about their favorite shows.

Fans can build a site and form a group with similar interests, where they can discuss their thoughts on popular TV show like Big Brother reality television show, Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case Special, Deal or No Deal, etc. They can also share photos of their favorite artists, and even upload and share videos and audios of TV shows.

People, whose work is related to the media, can form a site and highlight their shows among people. Events help you prepare for whatever comes your way — good, bad or just different.They can announce any events like singing and dancing contests, cooking contests, quiz programs, and so on and allow fans to participate in them. It will help them increase the confidence to get on the stage and prove their talents.