Small scale enterprises often struggled with a lack of resources, this is due to the high scale of micro-management the firm is forced to do. To make your business run successfully without any hurdles, it’s best that you maximize and utilize the time and resources to get the desired results.

A recent survey held among 500 US based companies found that more than half of the small scale enterprises used online calendars to book appointments, almost a quarter scheduled it over the phone and 8.8% still used pen and paper. Only 10.8% of the small scale businesses have used online appointment booking software to automate their appointment scheduling process. The actual figures might be even less, considering most of the companies don’t actually use them.

If you are planning on automating your appointment booking system for your firm you will definitely have some doubts.Let’s have a look at the various benefits of appointment scheduling for small businesses.

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Understanding and getting valuable info about your customer

Using the right tools for an appointment booking service, entrepreneurs can easily maintain a database containing crucial information about your customers. Some of the crucial data extracted include contact information, appointment scheduling history, preferred time of booking and in the case of a few clients, their portfolio.

Increasing customer retention

Building relationships are the key to forging a long-term successful partnership with your clients. Since your appointment booking software can store information about your clients, this could help in fixing the client’s favored slot. You can even intimate them on their upcoming visits and send specific notes regarding their appointment schedules.

Considerable reduction in no-shows

Though not completely effective, stats point out that automated appointment booking services reduce no-shows at least by 80%. Enabling notifications will prompt customers and remind them about their impending appointments. Automated reminders allow the business owners to constantly engage with their clients even days before their appointment through emails and SMS giving the customers the convenience and flexibility of your service.

Serves as an effective tool to manage your staff

Even with staff members assisting you, managing appointments with clients can be a hectic task. Especially to ensure there are no double bookings. A good appointment booking software will ensure there are no double bookings, despite that staff member still need to be managed, apprised and be replaced if they are not able to perform their duties. However by utilizing an online booking software the entire staff’s schedule accessible from a smart phone which makes it easier for the business owner to get updated about their activities. This will ensure that the owner/entrepreneur will spend less time in managing their business and more time on the promotional and growth aspects of the firm.

Get more satisfied customers and generating positive reviews

Allowing your customers to book their appointment at their desired time will encourage more customers to book it online. Customers will save a lot of time and also have the liberty to book it outside your office hours. And if the customer posts a review about your service following the appointment, your business is far more likely to expand in the online world. A recent survey found out that 38% of US customers read online reviews and that a positive review leads 45% of customers to visit their website and about 23% visit their outlet.

Increase your productivity and revenues

Since less time will be invested on managing appointments, you will have more time to focus on marketing strategies and even spend time on training your staff. You can even utilize your appointment booking services to send promotional messages to your clients including special offers or discounts on specific services.


In today’s world, due to technological advancements, it’s absolutely vital to be integrated with an appointment booking system. It doesn’t matter if your firm is small or big, online booking services will boost the overall productivity of your firm thereby ensuring that your effort and time don’t go in vain.