Building a social network website has become very easy nowadays with the availability of high quality social network software like iSocial. With just a domain, hosting and iSocial anyone can create a social network around the topic of their choice, whether it’s for celebrity gossip, school alumni or a local community group, online social networks can benefit a whole range of people.

Nor do you have to make concessions on the type of features because when you choose software like iSocial it comes with all the same features as you are likely to find in Facebook, Orkut and Hi5. With groups, online chat, profile pages, photo albums, videos and more you get everything the ‘big boys’ get for a fraction of the price.

Although most social networking software does everything that the major players can do, you might need to customize the design or add some of your own features specific to your requirements. For example you might need to add some geo-location feature or integration with SMS. Regardless, iSocial is very easy to customize since it is built using PHP and mySQL (just like Facebook!) and has an external templating system which means you don’t have to be a programmer to change the layout and design.

To make iSocial and even more compelling choice to power your social network, it has Open Social integrated which means that all the apps that have been built for sites like Orkut and MySpace can also run on your website! You can create your own Developer Network for your social network and since iSocial uses Open Social for the external applications, there are already tens of thousands of developers who can start creating applications for your site right away.

iSocial lets you create your own social networking software

iSocial lets you create your own social networking software

So while you might not want to create an exact Facebook Clone, using ready made social networking software can save you a lot of time, money and frustration compared with developing a site from scratch.