A few months back Agriya launched a brand new, never seen before service to help people who have computers infected with viruses and can’t get rid of them because their AV software doesn’t know how or it hasn’t been updated to remove the infection.

After getting feedback from the small community that has joined the site we have released an update which addresses many User Interface aspects of the site. The changes include:

Improved Menu Styling

We have cleaned up the menu styling to make it easier to navigate around the site. Previously we used some icons in the main menu but this confused some people as to what it was meant to do. We also added the useful “How It Works” option so that people can find easily find out how SocialAv.com works for people like you and me.


Social AV Menu Improvements

The Menu Style Was Improved To Aid Navigation


Removed the search button

We found that most people were simply hitting the Enter button instead of clicking the search button, hence there was no real need for the button to be there. We have replaced it with the magnifying glass icon which is an internationally recognized symbol for search.


New search icon

New search icon


New Special Virus Icons

There are thousands of different viruses listed in the SocialAV.com website but unfortunately not all of them have an anti-virus solution yet. To make it easier for people browsing through the site we added a new icon which indicates whether the virus has an anti-virus solution yet.


Icon Indicates If Anti-Virus Solution Is Available

Icon Indicates If Anti-Virus Solution Is Available


Top Contributor

To grow the sense of community on the SocialAV.com website we have added a new feature called Top Contributor which showcases the person who has contributed the most by way of new virus additions and anti-virus solutions. The link on the homepage goes to the users profile page so that they can get more popularity and reputation within the anti-virus community.


Top Contributor

The site now shows the top contributor


All New How It Works Page

To be honest we don’t think people really understood the concept of SocialAV.com when we first launched it back in December. People weren’t too sure what it was meant to do or how the user generated anti-viruses worked. For this reason we added a graphical guide to how SocialAV.com works and how you can become part of the community to help report, identify and neutralize computer viruses as and when they are released.


How SocialAV Works

New How SocialAV Works Page Has Been Added


New Press and Media Centre

Given that SocialAV.com is a new and innovative website aimed at helping computer users around the world it’s not surprising that it has generated something of a ripple amongst various media websites. We have set up a new Press and Media centre which showcases all the sites which have referenced and mentioned SocialAV.com


Press and Media Centre

New Press and Media Centre


If you have any suggestions for future improvements to the website, please let us know in the comments below, we really appreciate your thoughts and involvement in this project!