We proudly announce the updated features of Kootali released today. Kootali is an open social script that enables webmasters to build a networking site enabling users to communicate and share information with likeminded people online.

The team at Agriya has fixed bugs and added several new features on both the member side and the admin side, and released it as a brand new version called Kootali version 1.6.2.

Some new features of Kootali are listed below:

Members can:

• View the status of suggested networks.
• Report inappropriate or abusive content in local language or any other languages as per their wish, irrespective of site language. Admin will view the report in the same language used by the member for reporting.
• Insert smilies in their wall content, and express emotions.
• Subscribe to photo albums to access them easily.
• Choose select all/select none option in the notification page.

Admin can:

• Filter stickies and networks based on owner’s email ID and/or name in respective pages.
• Also filter networks based on network type, in the network management page.
• View the site details such as license and site version information on the site info page.
• Maintain personal information.
• Edit the file templates according to their wish, and can also block particular users based on their IP address or email.
• Control display of Captcha field in the signup page.
• Control redirection of members to the profile edit page for editing photos during first login, according to their wish.
• Set default languages on site as desired.
• Control image cropper settings based on necessity.
• Search groups, events, bookmarks, albums, photos and videos based on owners.

For more information, log on to www.agriya.com