The fast-growing e-commerce sector now mean that several businesses can multiply their potential customers. This web-centric approach has proved to be very fruitful over the course of past few years. What it did really well is, opening up creative alternatives in attracting target customers.

Every lucrative and marketable business ideas that connect a wide range of customers now, came out on top, basically by adapting successful online strategies. Still, there are a decent amount of services that require an effective intermediate medium.

One such area which requires some channeling is Spa & Saloon services. There aren’t too many businesses that could connect their end-customers online. However, there are few websites that do generate profit by doing so. But the marketplace is still pretty wide open, holding huge potential.

Here, we break down some of the key components that could see you developing an effective portal.

In what ways Spa & Salon appointment booking website be helpful?

One could find many customers waiting for long hours in a Spa/Salon for their turn. There won’t be a proper appointment booking medium and that’s where the woe starts. Even though there are other Spa/salon’s offering quality service, a customer won’t be necessarily mindful of that. So there is an increased need for providing them a better stance for searching and booking an appointment with ideal Spa/Saloons. If your website enables them in doing both with ease, then you can progress forward comprehensively.

What’s the business and revenue model?

Key players like,, and have done more than well in setting a benchmark. Firstly, the website should provide a complete set of information about a particular business to the user. Then, provision should be made for booking an appointment on the fly.

Following are the prominent ways of obtaining revenue:

  • The admin will receive a specific amount as a commission fee for each online transaction.
  • Can display advertisement on your website and earn revenue, if user engagement is achieved through it.
  • Run a plan, where website users have to pay for their subscription or membership.

How should the website be?

The primary objective has got to be, bringing about a website that makes a user’s task relatively easy, both in terms of search and appointment fixing. Emphasis should be on various attributes and functionalities that could lead to a productive online platform. In a stack of various ready-made scripts, Agriya’s Appointment Booking Software is designed purposefully for developing any kind of appointment booking website including Spa & Salon services.

UI/UX part

Consider implementing a simple UI in a user experience angle. After all, it can make or break your website. UI/UX work should also embrace typographical aspects of your website like fonts and typefaces. It will help giving an intuitive look as well. Only through a neat UI/UX, you can list various categorical works that a spa/salon service generally has.

Navigation & Usability

With enhanced visual hierarchy, try to keep the navigation as simple as possible by incorporating listing categories in homepage. Follow a standard style of viewpoint. If you’re about to mention vital information of a Spa/Saloon, serial positioning effect should be considered. Here, contact & info is very crucial, so placing it at last in the series would be very handy in terms of usability.

Must explain your business

Try displaying a neat explanatory of workflow in the home page, so that both service providers and customers can apprehend. Make room for how it works section, in which you can explain the work sequence based on the hierarchical order.

Locality supported search

Region or locality friendly search should be facilitated. Your website should have a vast number of entries, be at your marketing best, do the needful to make numerous spa/salon entrust your business. If that happens, then the user will have a number of choices in choosing a spa/salon of geographical closeness.

Service provider’s profile and info

Without over exaggeration, profile page of the spa/salon should be set up with all-inclusive details like working hours, testimonials, service approach, contact info, social media extensions, the list of services and much more. To make the search even more painless, additional filter options such as Ratings, Maps, Price can be included.

A useful dashboard inclusion

Try designing an operational dashboard that gives utmost control to you, the administrator. Simply, design it in a way, to manage user accounts effortlessly. It shouldn’t be designed without sections like Bookings, payment history, and edit profile. Coming to the appointment section, it should encompass appointment management elements like pending appointments, approved appointment, date, name and service type.

Demo of Appointment Booking Script

Our product, ABS Services allows you to build an optimized appointment booking platform instantly.  Log in to the portal, either as a user or admin to experience the script’s features and functionalities.

Appointment Booking Script - ABS


Giving a distinctive look to your website is as significant as adding crucial functionalities. Corner your market first, analyze your market needs, indulge in website customization activities, design it cautiously and later launch assuredly.