Launched without much fanfare in early 2010, Pinterest has grown to become one of the most talked about startups of 2011 and the trend is continuing in 2012. With over $37 million of funding under its belt (which values this 2 year old startup at a cool $200m), it’s safe to say that the venture capitalists of Silicon Valley reckon it’s the next big thing too.

Already many major media sites are saying that Pinterest is sending them more traffic than Twitter and Facebook combined and big brands like Time and Coca Cola are busy trying to figure out how to leverage this site.

If you are looking for a Pinterest clone then you are probably already aware of what it does, but just incase you are not the site basically lets you ‘pin’ interesting images to your profile and share it with others. It’s primarily about visual treats which means that a lot of graphic designers and photographers are getting exposure but Time magazine is generating interest thanks to their back catalog of front covers.

Agriya now funds all its projects through the Agriya Ideas portal and Pinterest has just been moved from the “for voting” category in to the “For Funding” category. Let’s just take a quick look at how the Agriya Ideas portal works…

  • Agriya determines how much it costs to develop the software
  • You pledge some money
  • Other people also pledge some money
  • Once the minimum amount has been collected, Agriya freezes the project and starts work on the software
  • You decide the direction and features for the software
  • You get to use the software first (and get a great first to market advantage)
  • You can earn up to 200% of your money back based on sales

Now the Pinterest clone project is open for funding you can get yourself on the ground floor and help determine the direction the project takes, be one of the first people to get their website launched (and gain at least 1-2 months advantage over everyone else) and you have the opportunity to earn up to 200% of your money back based on future sales of the product.

Agriya has already got a great track record of incubating projects in our Ideas portal and then launching them to the world. Our BuySell software which works as a multi-merchant platform (like an Etsy clone) has been flying off the shelves since we launched it last year and our group dining product, GroupWithUs has also seen strong sales with the original investors more than happy with the progress and earning potential.