“The future of e-Learning is wide open! Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. It happens everywhere through a number of different channels.” – Eric Schuermann

There was a time in history when education was merely a privilege for rich and the unfortunates were left behind. Today, with the help of technologies, we are able to learn and experience anything we need to. And by making good use of e-learning concepts, we can further improve the reach of education, also, enhance the quality of the same. Hence and so, involved in e-learning business is not merely about money, but contributing to the welfare of humanity in the most respectful way. However, a voyage into millennial learning isn’t an easy thing; it takes adequate planning, strategies, and a great vision to succeed. The sole reason behind this piece is to introduce our viewers the best E-learning business ideas, thus help them bring forth the best outcome out of their ideas.

The Road to Millennial E-learning Destination

When it comes to the E-learning business, there are only two ways in which you can monetize the concept. Doesn’t matter if you are into corporate or the academic training, it all comes down to one point, online courses. So, either you can create your own courses, incorporate teachers and find your potential audience, or provide services to similar business. There are diverse ways you can do this. You can develop e-learning content, develop courses, eLearning design, eLearning solutions delivery and more.

E-learning Business Use cases for Newbie Entrepreneurs

Even though the term E-learning is a single word, it has numerous applications and possibilities in regards to business. Because education cannot be limited to any particular niche, the feasibility of E-learning as a business is assured. Now, let’s look into some of the E-learning use cases, which you can consider and implement as a business.

Build an Online Training Academy

Online Training Academy

One of the best thing about owning a business is the freedom of choices. If you are someone with such kind of mindset, E-learning can be a very handy business. From framing the curriculum to designing the experience, you are your own boss. And from a profit perspective, there is nothing to concern about; for e-learning enterprises such as Mindvalley, Coursera etc are thriving. All you have to do is to find an efficient online learning solution and set up a platform that better meets all your business needs.

However, in addition to this, you must be very keen about your promotion and marketing strategies; because it has a great influence on e-learning success. Most of all, you must start by finding the right audience for your courses. Further to the development process, you can kick off the promotions and the rest.

LMS for Corporate Training and Development

Corporate Training

The total value of the LMS market is supposed to reach $15.72 billion by 2021. In fact, even Google has enrolled 80,000 of its employees for Udacity’s HTML5 course. This reveals how important corporate training is turning out to be. There are multiple reasons why corporate giants such as IBM, Infosys etc are investing in the same.

  • Effective corporate training will minimize the business cost
  • Create your ideal employee- train them to develop the skillset you need (The cost of hiring a new resource will be much higher comparatively)
  • Enhanced productivity and quality standards
  • Improved decision-making capabilities
  • A Higher rate of customer retention

Above all, one of the major qualities of any successful business is its ability to adapt to the changes, also, the willingness to adopt the best without hesitation. E-learning can support this by preparing employees with respect to the change that takes place.

Talent Recruitment And Hiring Using E-learning

Talent Recruitment Hiring

The most important asset of any trade isn’t the money that is invested in the same but the employees who invest their time and efforts for its growth and success. This is why hiring is considered one of the most significant processes in the corporate world. With the inception of corporate learning, the notion of talent recruitment has also taken a massive turn. As of now, running a talent recruitment agency can really help you secure a safe spot in today’s corporate world.

E-learning can be really handy when it comes to the hiring process. In actual, there are certain effective e-learning practices, which you can implement to bring forth the best results in terms of recruitment.

  • Create Pre-assessment programs to examine the new recruit’s level of expertise
  • Providing free online courses prior to the recruitment will help you monitor and asses the candidate’s performance
  • Training simulation will help you understand how the recruits respond to the real-life scenarios
  • Skill-focused certification programs will support your efforts to find the best candidate with the ideal skill-set
  • Define your recruitment goals and create serious games that focus on desired traits or abilities

E-learning for Academics

Elearning for Academics

It is said that 50% of all classes will be delivered online by the year 2019. A great majority of all universities are offering online courses as of now. And this is an optimistic fact in regards to business. Since education is one among the most stable global markets, by making good use of digital learning, one can find his/her’s fortune out of it. Not just the money, but our responsibility to serve the world the best will be satisfied.

Running a for-profit education business can actually be the solution for your quest for success. Plus, by taking advantage of online learning possibilities, one can design personalized experiences that well suits the audience he/she choose to do business with.

Integrate E-learning to Your Professional Coaching Career

Want to be a life coach and make a living out of it? Well, E-learning is the best road to your destiny. In fact, there are numerous personalities who make use of online learning platforms to reach people who need help. However, being a professional coach isn’t the easiest thing to try if you don’t have the content within you. And if you have the skill and most importantly, if you are ready to deal with people with diverse character, with the help of an e-learning platform you can reach millions.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter the most that what kind of e-learning scenario you pick, ultimately the user-experience and satisfaction decides your success. As Michael Allen said, There are no refunds; learners cannot get their time back if we waste it.

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Online Learning Solution

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