social bookmarking websites are important factors for increasing traffic. I write some strategy about Social bookmarking submission. I used for our site Its very useful for increasing traffic for your websites.

Social bookmarking strategy:

  1. Basic Bookmarking
  2. Mutiple Account Spamming
  3. Blogfarm bookmarking
  4. Sitemap bookmarking
  5. Tagfarm
  6. Random bookmarking strategy

Basic Bookmarking:

This very basic bookmarking strategy. To create one account and submitting bookmarking information. Bookmark a few important social bookmarking websites. that is like,

  • simply
  • furl
  • spurl
  • blinklist
  • Blogmarks

Mutiple Account Spamming

This is used by spammers to get more instance traffic from bookmarking sites.
To create a lot of account for each bookmarking by using different emails and submitting the bookmarking websites.

The effect for this strategy is get more traffic instantly and delete the account instantly.

Blogfarm bookmarking

BlogFarm is one of the most common tactics used by most blackhats. I have seen whitehats using this tactic to get links to their whitehat sites. It is a very effective tactic to get your site indexed. BlogFarm usually involves the linking of related blogs together.

You can use it to bookmark the blogfarms! If you try to bookmark 20k pages, you will be easilyaccused of spamming. The best practice is to link to the 20k pages from your Blogfarms and then social bookmark your Blogfarm. Those 20k pages will be crawled faster.

Sitemap bookmarking

This strategy is very simple.. All your domain links are set to sitemap and bookmark your sitemap to bookmarking sites. The search Engine spider crawl that sitemap and find all the links.


Furl >link to> Spurl > link to> Blogmarks >link to> Delicious >link to > so on

Random bookmarking strategy

This is very good strategy to make good random traffic from bookmarking site.
create small number of account(2 or 3 email account) and bookmark to bookmarking website. After one week then create new 2 or 3 account and submit to that sites. Randomly we create like then we get more traffic randomly. But please handle some care because its one of the blackhat techniques also.