Crowdfunding in general

Crowdfunding is a specialized method for raising donations, funds and capital from a set of interested benefactors, investors and among others from close quarters.

For a large period of time, this crowdfunding concept has been in practice to add life to numerous business ventures, projects and even programmes for that matter.

Even though certain types of crowdfunding are in prevalence, Equity and reward based are the two types which are overlooked by many communities.

What’s Equity-based crowdfunding?

Equity-based crowdfunding is all about generating finance from a collective group of interested and willing investors to embrace your ideas, proposals, and ventures.

As the name suggests, it works under various regulations and stipulations, necessitating the beneficiary to return back the investment respective or irrespective of the profit generated. In other words, the investor becomes the active shareholder of that particular progress.

Reward-based crowdfunding

This reward-based crowdfunding is the most sought-after method of the two and it works by a simple persuasion too. A person who comes up with a proposal for a particular project, product or endeavor will have to greet back the contributor by offering a worthy reward. Practically, the magnitude of reward varies depending upon the contribution.

The major talking point

Our point of discussion now is entirely on the reward-based crowdfunding. It has to be said that, one corporation who have literally familiarized this concept is “Kickstarter”. They have pioneered in taking forward this concept to many entrepreneurs, encouraging them to replicate a script of Kickstarter kind, such was the kind of impact they were able to achieve by the overwhelming numbers in terms of success.

Over the period of years, the number of entrepreneurs and business persons preferring this perception has only gone higher, ready-made clone scripts based on crowdfunding reward is mostly wanted among them.

Here is the list of sites, which has been more than successful thriving upon the Agriya’s crowdfunding reward approach, Kickstarter clone script.

1. GoGetFunding



They have prioritized an impeccable platform to raise funds online for special causes, projects, and events. It facilitates you to list and showcase the details of your project in a comprehensible fashion.

Language : English

Country : Global

Industries: Medical & Healing, Volunteer & Travel, Animals & Pets, Charity & Non-profit, Personal.

2. Jewcer


Being a Non-profit organization they help your campaign by collecting the desired amount at the quickest possible pace. This is exclusively designed for Jewish causes and initiatives.

Language: English

Country :Global

Industries: Jewish Projects

3. Haricot


This platform allows one to raise funds for various needs such as charity, business and student’s academics. Ultimately, they have designed it with a great amount of flexibility.

Language: English, French

Country: Canada

Industries: Business, Community, Creative, Non-Profit, Student, Crowd Donation.

4. Cookie Jar


They are into crowdfunding, carrying out their function in subsidizing for social causes, ventures and charities.

Language: English

Country: Canada

Industries: Social Causes, Ventures, and charities.

5. Ecloid


This is one dynamic platform thriving to gratify the requirements of personnel specializing from various disciplines such as Arts & Culture, Culinary, Ecology & Entertainment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Research & Development, and Technology.

Language: French

Country: Canada

Industries: Arts & Culture, Culinary, Ecology & Entertainment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Research & Development, and Technology.

6. Food Start


“Food Start” turns out to be an indispensable resource for those, who are looking for some finance to boost their food service business.

Language: English

Country : Canada

Industries: Food Industry.

7. Obenup


They strive towards generating finance for various technological forthcoming that stimulates interest among investors.

Language: English

Country: Global

Industries: Art, Babies, Comedy, Comics, Food, Design, Gaming, Lifestyle, Music, Technology.

The above-listed business platforms are prime examples in emphasizing the fact that, one can carve out a niche for themselves in this particular marketplace through a ready-made clone script available in readiness.

Have a query regarding the ready-made crowdfunding scripts? check these Crowdfunding Platform FAQs.