Due to the brilliant cross-platform functionality and user-friendly interface, the impact of WhatsApp on today’s users is growing day-by-day. WhatsApp being highly popular, it has been taken as an inspiration by many of the developers in creating WhatsApp clone.

In order to develop an effective WhatsApp similar app, one must be well-versed in its functionalities and specifics. There are a plenty of expert developers in the market who create out a niche in the business world by designing online social messaging clone scripts, thereby helping out the aspiring entrepreneurs like you to flourish well in the online business market.

Developing an App like WhatsApp from the Technical View

An instant messaging app, considering WhatsApp itself, normally comes across 50 billion message transfers per day. Have you ever wondered how this app has managed its level of traffic? Once WhatsApp is being installed, it uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for handling the message delivery task. The main key to the smooth data transfer lies with the message queue length. In order to create a WhatsApp-like chat app then there are huge technicalities that need to be considered from the start:

  • XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)- handling the message delivery task
  • Erlang – enabling bug fixes and updates frequently
  • Mnesia – multi-user distributed database management enabling quicker request responses
  • Bootstrap – front-end framework

These are only some of the specifics needed for its development. But why should you waste your time and money in developing a WhatsApp clone where you also have to start everything from the scratch? My point on raising this question lies mainly due to the huge number of ready-made scripts that are already available in the market. The important point to consider in a chat app development is incorporating the right features to succeed.

Why opt for a Ready-made WhatsApp Clone Script?

Clone scripts are reliable and worthy in establishing your own online businesses quickly. WhatsApp clones are pure native apps and can be made platform dependent enabling you to function well in your business ventures. Some of the benefits in using clone scripts are as listed:

  • Lessen your time for the development
  • Reduce cost of the app development
  • Feel relaxed as the code is being validated against the industry standards and policy

WhatsApp clone scripts prove to be a successful tool that assists the talented entrepreneurs in accelerating the chat app business. Recently, Agriya has come up with the idea of WhatsApp clone and has launched it naming BlaberChat. It allows you to create your own chat app enabling all the features of WhatsApp in it.

Build your Chat App with BlaberChat

BlaberChat is a WhatsApp clone script for iOS assisting the promising entrepreneurs in establishing their online chat app instantly. With its advanced set of features and services, it is sure to enlighten your business venture throughout.

Blaber Chat - WhatsApp Clone

The advanced features are as listed below:

Group chat with up to 1000 members at a time

Allowing its end-users to have their conversations with up to 1000 members in their group chats.

Effective image cropping

With BlaberChat take initiative in cutting off the unwanted parts from your image thereby highlighting only the best parts of the image.

Profile Pic Synchronization

Once login in BlaberChat, the user has the option wherein it allows him to synchronize his Facebook profile and name in the application.

File Sharing

BlaberChat, WhatsApp clone adds more to its features with the file sharing wherein it allows the users in sending files including audio, images and videos up to 50 MB size.

Final words

With its advanced features, BlaberChat will also help you in your wide range of business sectors like Education, Marketing, NGO, IT and much more. Delight in using Agriya’s latest WhatsApp clone script building your own iOS mobile app within a short period of time.

BlaberChat to Develop WhatsApp Clone