In the year of 2016, we witnessed the rise of several new releases of popular languages and frameworks which have given us a new perspective to the digital world around us. This year we will check with the latest trends which have continued their strides from where they left off in last year. It is absolutely imperative that as a developer you should keep track of everything which is new and to be updated with the latest trends of 2017.


Vue.js is a very basic framework and it prefers to use the term Library which when combined with other tools can be converted into a fully functional framework. This year Vue.js 2.0 got released and it has borrowed ideas from Angular, ember and react. Comparatively, it is small and can be included in any project easily. Benchmarking tests have established that Vue.js is faster than React and on certain concepts, it is more explicit than Angular.

Vue.js 2 is one of the upcoming frameworks, designed strategically to be adaptable, the main core is focused not only on UI but by adding other tools you can get a very powerful single page app. Currently, the demand for Vue developers is quickly growing among employers and it’s one of the most trending languages of this year. Hiring a Vue.js developer is a good option if you are not familiar with this framework before.

Angular jS

Google’s most popular web development framework has become extremely common in the recent years and still provides the base foundation for developers who are adhering strictly to the industry standards and abilities. Angular.js is itself incorporated with modern development and design features which assist in rapid development.

After the evolution of Angular 2 from Angular 1, the entire framework has been revamped and upgraded to the new version. This MVC framework which has been sponsored and backed by Google has been very popular with medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. It has taken advantage of Javascript ES6’s feature where the applications are typically written in Typescript and they have moved towards a component driven architecture. Angular is predominantly used for big enterprise applications with high standards of code readability. To know more about the technical aspects of the top two frameworks AngularJS vs Vue.js

React js

React is an UI library primarily developed for Facebook to enable interactive UI components.One of the key features of React is that it not only does it perform well on the client side but can also be rendered for the server side as in they can work interchangeably. The main area of competence behind React is to help developers implement a virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

While Angular js still retains a strong support among Java developers, React Js is more popular and is used more commonly by general javascript developers. Experts predict that React js will gain momentum and may threaten Angular’s lead by the year end. If you are developing networking apps similar to Facebook it would be a wise decision to get to know about the React framework


Aurelia is a next generation web development framework which makes the whole programming and web development part a creative process.What makes this framework even more special is the fact that it’s built with Vanilla ES6 and also integrates some of the available Vanilla ES7 features which allow it to function on all modern browsers. The Code is highly modularized and comprises of mostly Simple, small libraries which allow several scenarios of what most frameworks can accommodate.

In function, it resembles the next generation version of Durandal but the capabilities and functions are improved. It doesn’t matter if you are creating custom elements, data-driven screens or attached behaviors, Aurelia has a reliable mechanism for data binding, and Navigation flow. If you are familiar with the products of Durandal or have worked on these frameworks before, this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with this brilliant javascript which can be used to build browser apps, mobile apps and desktop apps.


One of the youngest languages in this list, it was developed in 1995. Ever since it’s debut it has gone through numerous updates and started gaining popularity outside of Japan. In the year of 2005, the framework Ruby on rails was created. Ruby on rails framework is optimized for programmer independence and sustainable productivity. It became highly successful because it favored convention over configuration. The only drawback with Ruby is it focuses heavily towards Web development, but Ruby is still a great web language with an energetic community and is slowly progressing towards other domains.

Ruby 2.4 version was released on December 25, 2016. New features and improvements are incorporated for the increasing and expanding demands for Ruby. If you are a developer who loves experimenting you ought to learn Ruby which is emerging as one of the trending languages in 2017.


Frameworks are essential for most of the functions and enterprise applications however there are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a framework such as stability, resource availability and popularity. As developers, we should be always ready to learn and experiment with frameworks that are new and trending in the market so that we can keep up with the pace of the new technology and move forward.