The world of programming is constantly changing, and there are new products introduced to the market almost every day. However, many of them fail because of inability to understand the needs the programming community has. If you are not new to web development, you have surely noticed that JavaScript frameworks are becoming an extremely popular way to build web applications. Among the most popular ones is AngularJS, Google’s front-end framework built on top of Java script. It is used for creating Single Page Applications (SPA). It gives the developers the opportunity to build websites faster, easier and better while helping companies to maximize customer benefits and satisfaction.

Being backed by technological titans like Google and Microsoft, plus its pioneer status, has put Angular ahead of its competitors. Simply put it has become a frontrunner in the industry. This is why AngularJS is worth to pay attention to.

What Problems does AngularJS Solve?

AngularJS and SPAs are web pages that do things without having to refresh the page, thus provide a smoother user experience. AngularJS aims to solve the problems that HTML has had with non-static documents. As the Internet has begun to move away from static pages in favor of more interactive web-applications more stress was put on HTML, and other previously used manipulation techniques. This framework became an opinionated way of organizing code, which a gives the user additional features for doing everyday tasks that normally had been manually done (for example, updating the DOM with new data), all the time.

Why Web Developers Choose AngularJS?

It’s Fast and Intuitive

Programming has come a long way, from first computers taking whole rooms, to being able to create highly professional apps in a matter of hours. It’s incredibly easy to get started on AngularJS and create a smoothly operating website within 5 minutes.

It also has a comprehensive tutorial for beginners or developers who are new to the framework which helps to create a similar web application in just a few minutes.

It’s Comprehensive

What makes AngularJS a really easy program to work with? Simple, it provides solutions to complete front-end development. Also, Angular is written with testability in mind, it gives the developer the opportunity to find the bugs before users do. AngularJS can do all of the heavy lifting on the client while providing a rich, fast experience for the end user.

Provides High Quality

It’s important to remember that hobbyists create most frameworks, whereas Angularjs is created by professional engineers who help developers through the learning process while answering their questions as fast as possible.

Moreover, there are certain features that set AngularJS aside from its competitors, such as the ability to build new features, with the framework providing full support across each stage. While the community grows, the system becomes stronger and larger, and this creates complementary libraries that work with the framework.

Thanks to the before mentioned benefits, the number of AngularJS development companies is increasing daily. But there is still a problem how does one Hire the right AngularJS Developer?

How does the Future Look for AngularJS?

By providing various features, it quickly became one of the primary choices of web developers. It is a fast growing Javascript framework that offers the resources for creating highly professional websites. It is becoming the framework more commonly used, and more renowned websites are trusting AngularJS development companies to create professional, easy to use and intuitive internet sites. The percentage of websites using AngularJS is steadily growing, moreover, it’s the first among its competitors that are used by high traffic websites. Most probably your search engine, bank, payroll, video streaming service, airline, apparel line, space-agency, and automakers have all bet on AngularJS.


As you can see from the graph, AngularJS has

Here is a list of the most famous companies that have created their websites using Angular:

  • Amazon
  • Upwork
  • Paypal
  • Walmart
  • The Guardian
  • Vevo
  • YouTube for PS3
  • HBO
  • Netflix
  • Google Star Wars

Why would Companies want Angular Websites?

As technologies improve and programmers come up with new innovative ideas, customer needs also change. These day’s users want more sophisticated user experiences – they not only care about the content but also how it is served. That’s why, to provide greater customer satisfaction (especially if websites are key channel distributors), companies need to improve upon their customers’ experience. This will assure a boost in their sales and allows for greater returns on marketing investments. Angular helps to create this new breed of complex SPAs that are similar to desktops or mobile applications. That’s the reason hiring an Angularjs developer will help the companies to create superiorly designed new generation websites.

Another business-friendly feature of Angular is licensing. It uses MIT license. If the company is already using MIT licensing for their website, it will allow them to reuse within the proprietary software, and is GPL-compatible, giving developers a lot of freedom with the code.

Take a look at some of the most popular open source applications made by AngularJS. Aren’t they amazing?

1. DuckieTV

DuckieTV is an open source AngularJS based web application built for tracking your favorite TV Shows. It even has an integrated access to multiple torrent sites

2. Echoes Player

This application connects videos from various sources like YouTube and Vevo. After you find all the videos you needed, you can easily create a playlist from them. All thanks to AngularJS

3. Gandalf

This simple to use and flexible open source application is ideal for decision-making about big- data. Try it yourself!

Why should you Choose AngularJS for your Website?

1. AngularJS is made by Google

Do you know what else is made by Google? That’s right: the most popular browser in the world. Doesn’t matter what changes will happen to Google Chrome, the talented team of Google developers will make sure that AngularJS supports it. They have the ability to keep and update it enough that one-day, majority of developers will wind up adopting it, and clients asking for it to be used, simply because of its popularity.

2. AngularJS based websites are Easier to Maintain

One of the main benefits of AngularJS is the ability to get the same results with much less coding compared to JavaScript. First of all, a shorter code means a shorter waiting time until your web application is finished. Next, if your website is bugged, the developers will not have to scroll and check thousands of lines of code to find the error. As people say: Time is Money.

3. Easy Testing

In AngularJS, it is required that codes written in JavaScript pass a series of tests. AngularJS developers have designed the framework keeping mind the importance of testability. As a result testing, AngularJS application is a piece of cake. As JavaScript is dynamic and interpreted, developers need to follow the correct steps for writing tests. AngularJS starts from the scratch and comes up with end-to-end and a unit test runner setup. As the testing is done automatically, the developer will be able to see the exact results of his coding. Check out this Angular-Seed Project to see it in action.

If you are a developer yourself, visit this website for an in-depth guide to AngularJS testing.

4. Two-Way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is an AngularJS feature that helps the web page to get refreshed instead of being reloaded. Thanks to two- way data binding, the web application can interact with browser directly to open or reload a new page.

You might ask how this will benefit your website. As with data binding, the web application will be able to interact with a browser directly, it will significantly reduce the loading time of the page. Moreover, thanks to HTML5, applications will work even when offline. Your users will be able to solve all their problems quickly, and without waiting until the pages are loaded. What else do you need for SEO?

5. It does NOT Affect SEO Negatively

Historically, Google webmasters were unable to crawl web pages heavily built on JavaScript. As a result, the classic approach for all web developers was to avoid JS only views and make the content visible to all search engines. Now everything has changed. The latest research shows that Google has become exceptional at rendering JavaScript. You might need to do some work on the SEO though, but it is definitely worth the effort. So don’t hesitate, go ahead and build your next app using AngularJS.

6. Design

For most of the companies, a website is their front door and an entrance to their home. We all want to have a beautiful house, with amazing design and new technologies. But unlike homes, we want visitors to the website stay there forever (or until conversion). This is why the importance of a good website is crucial. Thanks to its beautiful design and amazing drag and drop features, AngularJS will be able to capture a potential client’s attention, or even make them share it. Hire an AngularJS Developer and you will never regret your decision.

Still not convinced? Be sure to check out this list of 15 amazing websites created with Angular by some of the best AngularJS Development Companies in the world.

As the reasons mentioned in the article show, Angularjs is a fast growing JavaScript framework that many web developers trust and use to build highly professional websites and web application. It’s here to stay; it is quickly changing expectations about sophisticated user experience. And because Google is backing Angular, there is only room for improvement.