One of Agriya’s most popular products, Anova has been programmed in ASP.NET and the final software called Anova.NET is the newest release.

AnovaPRO and Anova.NET have the same features, the only difference being the fact that Anova.NET has been programmed in ASP.NET.

As the Internet market is getting exceedingly competitive, it has become very important to constantly revamp existing products with newer features that increase their functionality and efficiency.

The primary question now is ‘what is ASP.NET and how will it help Anova work better?’ ASP.NET expands to Active server pages. And as an overview the .NET version of Anova enables seamless integration with all the existing ASP.NET applications.

.NET reduces the lines of coding required to produce large applications and also keeps the smaller and larger applications safe with built in windows authentication and each application being individually configured. This makes Anova a lot more manageable, reduces the time and effort taken involved in the coding processes and definitely makes it more user friendly. It also enables better performance using its specialized features and also makes it very easy to perform common tasks from site configuration to form submissions. All the processes are monitored by .NET and if one specific process is dead another one takes its place to make sure the applications are continuously running. Since this aspect has been incorporated into Anova.NET, it ensures very high levels of security protecting your software from any form of cyber crime. And finally ASP.NET is an application which runs at high speeds and handles large volumes of users without exhibiting any technical hitches, thereby making Anova.NET the perfect answers script, with high performance, functionality and efficiency all at very high speeds along with smooth delivery.

It is based on all the above advantages that ASP.NET was incorporated into Anova now called Anova.Net, and this guarantees to satisfy any user looking for the ideal answers script programmed in .NET applications that will comply with their server.

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Anova .NET is priced at just $167 for a limited period of time as part of our introduction offer. You can purchase Anova .NET by clicking here.

If you want to see a demo of Anova .NET, please click here.