paymentmodule1As per the latest announcement from Agriya, one more add-on module called Payment module is added to Anova’s add-on modules list. It is a very good announcement for Anova users as they can offer both free and paid subscriptions for their site members.

The module enables the site admin to set the payment plan for their site, along with actions for each plan. Under the payment plan, the admin can restrict the number of questions and answers posted by users, style switching, question and answer rating, viewing best answers, video watching and recording time, number of video and audio posts, audio recording time and much more. The users paying maximum amount can enjoy maximum features of the site.

The module offers the fast and secure way of accepting payments online through PayPal. It is an automated process; the site admin need not worry about the collection of subscription payment for every month. They just have to install the payment module which will take care of the Anova site subscription collection process and they can relax or spend that time to perform any other task.

On the whole, the payment module is the best choice for Anova clients to run money making answering sites.