Following up on the success of the release of Anova version 3.1.2 which focuses on launch of a user-friendly and search-engine friendly knowledge sharing site, Agriya released the latest updates. This update represents the implementation of features and error fixes based on suggestions from end users.

The new version comes with voting feature for questions and answers. When a user comes across a well written question and thinks the problem is common and going to help someone else searching for it, he can give a thumb up vote to it and make it visible to others. If a question is silly or inappropriate for the community, the user can give a thumbs down vote. Similar action can be carried out with answer to make the best answer familiar among users.

The new release continues to expand the effectiveness of the software, adding option to manage abuse reports and replacing normal file upload with Swf uploader to upload images for questions and answers. In addition, the latest release has fixed design issues and few bugs.