PHP is considered by many as one of the most consistent and popular programming languages for some time now. However, in today’s world, there are many open source options available for companies to develop web applications. Back in the days when PHP 4 was still the most used framework, and no other PHP based frameworks were available, developing an object-oriented coding approach in PHP became a challenge. It was only after this Cake PHP emerged, at that time it was the first ever PHP MVC framework.

Almost ten years have passed till now and Cake PHP  has continued to evolve, maintaining a good market share of  Cake PHP developers, which has, in turn, lead to the rise of Cake PHP  development services. But why is CakePHP so popular and in demand? It has been constantly ranked as one of the top 4 popular PHP projects on Github, so what makes this framework so special, let’s find out the reasons.

Open Source Platform

The heart of Cake PHP is an open source architecture, which is a common goal for every developer. Being an open source, the developers get access to the latest developmental tools and they need not have to spend a huge amount of time and energy in writing the same source codes. This, in turn, helps in adding robustness to the applications they develop and helps in improving their overall performance.

No Special Configuration Required

Being an open source platform, it does not require any type of configuration for programmers to start using it. Most of the settings and features in Cake PHP are auto-detected. This saves a lot of time for the programmers as they need not require studying the configuration settings.

Durable and Re-usable

Since Cake PHP uses a lot of readily available source scripts, it saves a lot of time for the programmer, as the programmer can always access pre-written codes, which could serve as the base for several projects that have different applications. This allows the developer to focus more on creative and logical aspects than worrying about the wearying task of re-coding.

Supports MVC Framework

Since Cake PHP is based on MVC framework, it allows complete access to insert, delete and modify data directly from the database. A process control will always respond to events on the identification of errors, making sure there is an immediate modification even before it has interacted with the database. The MVC pattern helps easily to differentiate logic from presentation.

Wider Support of Online Community

One of the unique aspects of Cake PHP is that they are supported by a larger community of Peers who are always ready to share information and learn from each other. The presence of so many contributors is always helpful for Programmers as they are able to quickly learn new features and tools of the Cake PHP. Forums are well maintained and it makes it easier for newbies to research on new developmental features and functionalities.

SEO Friendly Website development

Today website development is all about creating your website with SEO friendly features so that websites can get higher rank in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Cake PHP enables you to include modules which in-turn helps companies to boost up the performance of their websites.

Quick and Easy documentation method

Cake PHP supports effective and swift techniques for documentation. Hence developers can easily complete documentation without wasting unnecessary time for this process.


The above points clearly illustrate what Cake PHP is capable of and how Cake PHP development has become one of the easiest and most flexible programming languages for web development company and web developers alike. Even after 10 years of its initial release Cake PHP  remains vibrant and still provides stiff competition to other PHP frameworks around. With its endless functionality and mature code base, there is no surprise that Cake PHP is gaining so much popularity worldwide.