Agriya has released a brand new product which combines elements from classified ads and web directories to create Exposure. Built on the basis that the web is all about niches, being hyper-local and that people want to find specific information and not be distracted by unrelated options, Exposure has a number of key features which helps you make money on autopilot.

So how does it actually work?

Let’s take the web design industry. It contains a number of freelancers working from various locations and looking to get leads to build their business. If these leads advertise on a business listing site like Yellow Pages or Craigs List, then they are relying on these sites to first bring traffic to the their site and then pass that traffic on to them.

Exposure Sortfolio Clone

Using Exposure you can take a different approach. Instead of being a classified ads site for everything under the sun, you concentrate your efforts on one particular industry, in this case, web design. By focusing on a narrow niche such as this you can focus your SEO efforts to drive web design related searchers to your site which in turn can help attract paying advertisers who want to get exposure.

Every part of the Exposure site has been designed with SEO and search engine friendliness in mind to help you rank as high as possible without too much effort. Of course, you can really boost your rankings by building some high quality links to your site – Agriya even offers SEO as a service to our clients.

The Exposure software goes one step further by sorting the businesses in to towns and cities so in our example, a person can find a web designer that is local to them. This hyper-local service is really taking off on the Internet and a built in geo-IP function tries to establish exactly where the visitor is from to show only the local businesses.

Anyone can create a business listing on your Exposure site and they are given a dedicated profile page (which is optimized for the search engines of course) where they can showcase their services, talent and past projects. However if they want to maximize their exposure and have a more comprehensive profile page then they can pay a monthly fee to access a whole range of additional options.

Exposure uses the PayPal payment system to accept payments from advertisers and then automatically handles everything from rebilling, setting the listing as a premium listing and changing the listing back to a free listing if the monthly payment is not received.

Pricing And Demo

To find out more about Exposure along with the pricing and demo request form please head over to the Exposure details page on our website.