For all companies, from local businesses to global enterprises, establishing a presence on the Internet is essential. One of the key components of establishing a presence is an apt “domain name”. So if you have decided to start a website or blog for your business, you must deem to choose an ideal domain name for your website. It adds more professional authenticity and Credibility.

When choosing a domain name, a good rule of thumb is to create and select one that reflects your business, products and services. Well, if you’re looking for the perfect domain name, you should consider some important things before selecting a domain name for your business.

Having a keyword rich domain name is an important factor for Search Engine Optimization. It could boost your search engine rankings. For instance will be the right domain name to pick, if you are starting site for selling mobile phones. It not only helps you achieve higher search engine rankings, but also elaborates your business through its name. So select key words with the highest traffic and highest competition for your domain name.

When picking out a domain name, try to make it short and easy to remember as well. Make sure it is related to your business, is unique and sounds good. For instance, instead of “”, “” will help users remember and will also be easy to type and mostly, resembles core idea of site. Another thing to keep in mind when you select a domain name is that it should be easy to spell. As some internet users are not great with spelling, avoid using complex words which are hard to spell. Your domain name is your unique identity, so it should be unique because no two entities can ever own the same domain name at the same time.

You should always aim for the .com version of a name. When people first start getting used to the Internet, some of them will just type in what they are looking for and put a .com at the end of it. For example, someone looking for “web design” online might just go to You can separate yourself from competitors with this simple strategy.

Having a registered domain name is a very significant step for all online businesses. As mentioned earlier, your domain name is your unique identity. If you don’t keep up with the registration, you might end up losing that identity and it will be available for others to own. Make sure you renew your registration at least a month before it expires to be on the safer side and avoid any unwanted breaks in your business.

Once you have selected an ideal domain name, your business can be improved in various ways. Firstly, your site traffic is bound to increase, as search engines and directories often prefer sites with products/services brand recognizing domain names, and your valuable customers will be more likely to remember and type in a catchy domain name.