Having a wonderful site is the first step in online business promotion, but it can’t do anything unless people find it. Remember generating traffic for your website is the most important thing to run a successful business online. RSS (rich site summary) is a fascinating tool that opens a new door to gain visitors.

Ask yourself, is my site content reaching a wide audience? If your answer is yes then it’s great, if the answer is no, try the RSS feed tool that allows you to share updated content quickly. It offers various benefits to webmasters as well as users. Many people are not aware of the concept of the RSS feed and its purpose.

RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audios, and videos in a standardized format.

Benefits of RSS feed for webmasters:

Web publishers can deliver updated web content to end users subscribed to the RSS feed of the site, automatically without taking any initiatives.

Think about the power of social networks. If you maintain a profile in one of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, you can import RSS feed from that networking site into your accounts at any local site so that whenever your profile is updated, the information will be automatically sent to your social profiles.

If you’re an online advertiser and using the RSS feed in Ads, then newly added ads will be automatically available at your clients’ desktop.

It allows you to share new content on your website, directly with your readers without sending mass emails, or newsletters.

Here are some tips to gain more subscribers:

Offer useful content related to products or services that you are promoting.

Send updates on your latest promotions to them.

Post regular updates and make sure the feed is available for RSS-friendly search engines to crawl.

Attach a link to your feed on your website and encourage subscriptions. With one click of a button, site traffic will be increased.